My SAS A350 footage on Swedish Web Television! AirLapse on Swebbtv Nyheter

My footage from the first Scandinavian Airlines SAS A350-900 landing in Chicago was featured in an episode of the Swedish Web Television (AirLapse on Swebbtv)!

Although the mention of SAS within the episode is to complain about their latest Ad campaign “What is truly Scandinavian?”, which frustrated a lot of Scandinavians, it was still a highlight for me that they decided to ask and include my footage.

For some reason, though, many people after watching the SAS Ad, got one of MY videos suggested and wrote a lot of hate emails and comments AS IF I WERE PART of SAS or their advertising team! xD. It takes a while until people realize that I have nothing to do with the airline and that I am an independent reviewer. After all, I didn’t make the ad 🙂

AirLapse on Swebbtv

You can find the episode here

As well as the ad from SAS here:

After 1 week posted, the SAS video got 99k DISLIKES, and they had to turn off comments!

AirLapse on Swebbtv

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