My new Visa Card Just Arrived! (2022 Unboxing Royal Indigo)

UPDATE: The new Visa card is not so great anymore, as they will stop reimbursing Spotify and Netflix in 2023. I’m using Revolut instead. Read this post to learn more.

I recently upgraded my Visa Debit card from Ruby Steel to Royal Indigo (both Metal cards).
I wrote about the upgrade process and the new perks here. To upgrade I had to stake CRO coins worth €3500, and I get free Netflix, Spotify, 10% back on the staked amount, free airport lounge visits, and also 3% cashback on every purchase. It’s great.

The upgrade process went smoothly. I did it over the app and the whole process took about 1 week to complete. It got delayed by 3 days because I changed my address, so they needed to re-verify it.

After I got the upgrade confirmation, I was issued a “virtual card” first. The virtual card you can use to buy online, but also you can load it into your Curve card and start using it right away with Apple Pay / Google Pay!

The only caveat was that I had a balance of around €100 on my previous Ruby Steel card, and it took about 1 week to “transfer” the old balance into my new card. So, if you have any upcoming payments such as Spotify or Netflix, and you are going through the upgrade, make sure you fund the new card as soon as you have your virtual card available.

Then, the physical card took about 2 more weeks to get issued. I received a notification in my app saying “Your Visa Card is on its way!”. Two days later it arrived on my mailbox.

Here’s a quick unboxing.

New Visa Card Unboxing (Royal Indigo)

The card is super sleek and good-looking. It is heavy and sturdy, and the metal finish is AWESOME, it gives the card a very premium look, which is amazing considering that it is a debit card.

The packaging is exactly the same as the one I got my Ruby card back in 2020. I guess the guys didn’t want to rebrand yet :).

Anyways, just wanted to share with you some pictures. I’ve been using this card since 2020 and I’m very happy with the results.

Read more about Curve here. Get €6 FOR FREE after your first transaction when you order the card using my link. Read more about the Visa card here.

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