2022 Year In Review (AirLapse)

My 2022 Year In Review: Back To Normal?

It is that time of the year to look back at what we’ve done and gone through, reflect, and be grateful. Every year I write a short post summarizing my trips and this time will be no different. Here’s my 2022 year in review: a recap of all my trips and destinations.

According to my.flightradar24, I’ve taken 32 flights, traveled 91.000km, 132.5 hours, and emitted 11 tons of CO2 (I’ve offset for most of those when I purchased my tickets). I thought it were going to be more flights

2022 Year In Review (AirLapse)

My 2022 Year In Review

  • January and February: no flights
  • March:
    1. Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza. Flew with KLM via AMS.
    2. Gothenburg: Flew with Ryanair (review here)
  • April:
    1. Barcelona: 1-day trip! I flew with AirBaltic and back with Ryanair.
  • May:
    • London: with British Airways
    • San Francisco and San José: with SAS
    • Miami: with American Airlines (SJC-LAX-MIA)
  • June:
    1. Madrid: with Lufthansa
    2. Barcelona, Tarragona
    3. Buenos Aires: with Level (first time)
  • July:
    1. Ushuaia: with Aerolineas Argentinas
    2. Buenos Aires: with JetSmart (read here)
    3. Miami: with Aerolineas Argentinas
  • August:
    1. Madrid: with Iberia on Business Class
    2. Back to Stockholm: with LOT via Warsow
  • September:
    1. Copenhagen: with SAS
    2. Miami: with Swiss on Business Class
  • October:
    1. Boston: with Delta
    2. Miami: with American Airlines
    3. Buenos Aires: with Copa on Business Class
  • November:
    1. Córdoba: with Aerolíneas Argentinas
  • December: no flights

Pre vs. Post Pandemic Flying

I also wanted to compare how much I was flying before and after the pandemic and turns out that 32 flights were roughly the number of flights I was taking back both in 2013, and 2019. In 2019 I got a new full time job and wasn’t doing so much flying for work.

You can also see an upward trend since 2020, which reflects the improvement in the world’s travel situation, with less restrictions and more people moving around.

I’m certainly looking forward to traveling more next year, although I’m also concerned about starting to reduce my carbon footprint on unnecessary flights. I will most likely be taking trains for short distance travels and avoid international business trips that are not strictly required.

MyFlightRadar 2022
2022 Year In Review: AirLapse on MyFlightRadar24
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