MoreGolf Mastercard Review 2023 (Moregolf Kreditkort)

MoreGolf Mastercard: Best Credit Card For Golfers (2024 Review)

The MoreGolf Mastercard is a niche credit card that offers a unique experience for golfers, one of its kind in Sweden. With rewards on all your purchases, a broad range of insurances, and splitting payments in up to 24 months interest-free, it is a great tool to beat inflation and one of the credit cards with the most benefits for its 295kr price. For golfers, it’s a no-brainer. They also sponsor the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour.

Who is this card for? (TL;DR)

For anyone playing golf who is already paying a yearly club fee, then the card makes perfect sense. The card costs 295kr a year, but you get a lot more than that money back from its benefits. You can split the payment of your club fee, get points on your purchases (1% cashback), discounts on fuel, and good travel insurance. Plus, you get a 9000 bonus points sign-up bonus worth 100kr.

MoreGolf Mastercard Review 2024

The MoreGolf Mastercard is quite a unique credit card, and not many countries in the world offer a specific card with tailored benefits for golfers. The card is a collaboration between the Swedish Golf Association and EnterCard. Some of its key benefits include bonus points on all your purchases, up to 55 days of interest-free credit, a green-fee discount between 10 and 50%, and great travel and golf equipment insurance.

MoreGolf Mastercard: A collaboration between EnterCard and the Swedish Golf Association

MoreGolf Mastercard Benefits

The MoreGolf card offers many benefits considering that it only costs 295kr/year. Other cards at this price range won’t offer as many benefits (read this post for similar alternatives). My favorite benefits are definitely number 3, and number 1.

1. Bonus points on all purchases

With the MoreGolf Mastercard, you get a bonus for all the purchases you make both in golf and in everyday life. For every kronor you spend, you get one bonus point. Every time you reach 10.000 points, you receive a bonus check for 100 SEK.

MoreGolf Mastercard: Bonus points on all your purchases

You can use bonus checks to pay for your card statement or as discounts in partners stores such as:

You may get a maximum number of 10 bonus checks per year (reaching 100.000 SEK spending on your card), equivalent to a 1% cashback value. You can track and see your earned bonus points on your bank statement.

MoreGolf Mastercard: Bonus checks (100 SEK)

2. Split your Golf Club’s annual fee

You can easily pay your annual fee to the golf club in installments, or other purchases you make with the MoreGolf Mastercard, interest-free. You split the payment over 6 or 12 months without interest and only pay an installment fee of SEK 29 per month.

MoreGolf Mastercard: Split your Golf Club's annual fee

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Via MyGolf: If the club has posted the annual fee in MyGolf, My Settings, Unpaid fees, you can pay the annual fee there with your MoreGolf Mastercard.
  2. Via invoice from the Golf Club.

3. 24-month interest-free Installments! (delbetalning)

This is probably one of the most powerful perks of the MoreGolf Mastercard, given the high inflation times we live in. The card lets you split the payment over 6, 12, or 24 months without interest and only pay an installment fee of SEK 29 per month.

Example: You buy an item for SEK 6.000. Then you pay SEK 1.029 per month for 6 months, SEK 529 per month for 12 months, or SEK 279 for 24 months.

To access this benefit, you can log in to your pages, under Transactions, and split any selected transaction that you want between SEK 3.000 and 20.000 within 30 days from the transaction date.

This benefit is very useful for paying for expensive stuff such as golf equipment, travel costs or even home appliances.

4. Travel and Golf Equipment Insurance

The MoreGolf Mastercard includes several insurances and services that protect you in the event of unforeseen events.

Supplementary travel allowance. The MoreGolf Mastercard includes supplementary travel insurance at no extra cost. It applies to all family members and three friends, provided you have paid more than half of the trip for everyone in the travel group.

  • Cancellation Protection
  • Personal delay when traveling out and home
  • Baggage delay
  • Missed connecting flight
  • Capital amount in case of an accident
  • Deductible coverage for home and car insurance
  • Deductible elimination for rental cars abroad an in Sweden

Golf Equipment Insurance. If your golf equipment is stolen or destroyed and you report the incident to e.g., your home insurance company, you can receive compensation for the deductible you have to pay.

Payment Protection Plus. Shopping with your debit and credit card should be safe, and you should feel secure with a safety net in case of a sudden loss of income. With the MoreGolf Mastercard, you can sign up for Payment Protection Plus to make sure you’ll be able to cover your expenses if you lose your job or have an accident.

5. Invite your friends over if you do a hole-in-one

If you happen to make a Hole in One, you get compensation of SEK 1.000 from the MoreGolf Mastercard, provided you have played at least nine holes with an approved marker. 

6. Payment-free month

With the MoreGolf Mastercard, you can apply for a payment-free month twice per 12 months. You can use the service twice per 12 months, and you cannot apply for a payment-free month two months in a row. 

7. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

You can add the MoreGolf Mastercard to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay directly from the apps in just a few steps. EnterCard offers native support for both platforms.

MoreGolf Mastercard Tour

EnterCard also sponsors the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour with this card, which is the highest level of professional competition for men in the Nordics. Here, golfers from several countries have the opportunity to compete, develop and play their way to the highest levels in Europe. Subtours to the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour are the Future Series and the Ligma Tour. 

MoreGolf MasterCard Tour (2022)

Pricing and Details

MoreGolf Mastercard Terms

ANNUAL INTERESTfn 18.14% (2024-01-01), variable
EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE18.81% when paying with e-invoice. 
(23.28% with paper invoice)
CASH WITHDRAWAL FEE3% of the amount or a minimum of SEK 45 per withdrawal
CURRENCY EXCHANGE SURCHARGE1.65% on the exchange rate.
Combine this card with Curve to avoid foreign transaction fees.

Calculation example: Effective interest 18.81% when paying with e-invoice (23.28% with paper invoice) and total amount to pay SEK 21,884 when paying with e-invoice (SEK 22,304 with paper invoice). This means that 20.000 kr of credit has been used, and the amount has been repaid in 12 months with 39 interest-free days. The amount in the calculation example assumes that no cash withdrawals have been made.

MoreGolf Mastercard: Is It Worth it?

Golf is a very important sport in Sweden: 5% of the Swedish Population plays golf. As of 2022, there are 448 golf clubs and 536.203 members of the Swedish Golf Association, making it the third-largest federated sport in Sweden. It’s no surprise that EnterCard decided to focus on that niche.

Overall, the MoreGolf Mastercard is an outstanding product, tailored with valuable, real, and achievable benefits for the ones who love golf. I wish to see more products like this in other niches and activities.

IMHO, the MoreGolf Mastercard checks all the boxes: with a low annual fee, it is packed with benefits that make the product worth the cost. You can get 1% back through spending with their bonus points system, split the payment of your Golf Club’s annual fee, split any purchase in up to 24 interest-free installments, get compensated for a hole-in-one, comprehensive travel insurance, golf equipment insurance, and more. You also get targeted discounts and offers exclusively for golfers, which might be appealing.

Getting all those perks separately might cost between 1000 SEK and 3000 SEK. The alternative credit cards that can compete with the space are the American Express Gold or American Express Platinum card, which are much more expensive.

Overall, I would recommend this card to anyone who is already playing golf or who is a member of a golf club in Sweden.

If you have any experience or thoughts, feel free to share them below in the comments or reach out to me via Instagram!

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