Min Deklaration (2023 Review)

Min Deklaration 2023: Get Help with Your Tax Declaration in Sweden

Tax return season is here! Is your deklaration 2023 too complicated? I get it; when you get that letter from Skatteverket, it can be overwhelming and challenging, especially if you have invested, sold a house, moved out, or have a business on top of your personal expenses. The worst part is that you might not get your money back if you do it wrong.

Hiring an accountant to help out would be great, but it is expensive, considering that the average hourly rate is close to 900 SEK. Min Deklaration is a new service that solves that problem by offering a fully online and packaged service that will help with your tax declaration in Sweden.

Long-story short: you pay a fixed price to get your taxes done, and a variable part is only added in the cases where they find tax reliefs that mean you get a higher tax refund (so, it’s a win-win).

Ongoing Offer

Have you sold a home? Choose the Declaration Plus package and maximize your tax return.

Min Deklaration (2023 Review)

Min Deklaration 2023: Get Help With Your Taxes

What is Min Deklaration?

Min Deklaration is a service that helps private individuals to declare correctly and, at the same time, maximize their tax refund. Min Deklaration AB started in 2020 in Stockholm.

Instead of complicated hourly rates, Min Deklaration offers a simple pricing structure where you only pay a fixed price for the analysis and a variable part for the tax breaks they find (only if they find adjustments that will make you extra money in your return)

How does Min Deklaration work?

The process is very straightforward, and you can start in just a few minutes. The big benefit is that you get guidance from their website and advisor during the process.

  1. Sign up. When you register for the service, you get assigned a personal advisor and can upload any supporting documents.
  2. Online meeting with an advisor. Your advisor guides you with questions during your booked web meeting, and we continue with the analysis of your declaration.
  3. Analysis. An advisor reviews your declaration, documents, and questions to make the correct and most beneficial calculations for you.
  4. Get suggestions. Once they are done, you will receive suggestions from your adviser about how to declare most advantageously based on the information we have received.
  5. Approve and send. When you approve the declaration, Min Deklaration will send the entire declaration digitally completed to the Swedish Tax Agency.
Min Deklaration - How it works

Pricing and Packages

Depending on how complex your declaration is, you can choose between two packages: Deklaration Bas, and Deklaration Plus. The key difference is that the Plus package includes a declaration for sold securities, properties, and individual companies.

Min Deklaration - Packages

1. Declaration Bas (1499 SEK)

  • Personal advisor.
  • Finds and does the deduction calculations for you.
  • Mobile BankID.
  • Maximize your tax refund.
  • Help you declare correctly.
  • Extended declaration period.
  • Get rid of your declaration anxiety.

2. Declaration Plus (2999 SEK)

  • Complete housing declaration.
  • Securities sale.
  • Declaration for an individual company.
  • Personal advisor.
  • Finds and does the deduction calculations for you.
  • Mobile BankID.
  • Maximize your tax refund.
  • We help you declare correctly.
  • Extended declaration period.
  • Get rid of your declaration anxiety.


Keep in mind that by choosing any of these packages, you will go into the ordinary declaration time

Is Min Deklaration safe?

Yes. The Min Deklaration service is safe to use as they use the Swedish Tax Agency service (Skatteverket) through BankID, and SSL certificates. They won’t be able to sign or submit anything without you approving it before through Mobile BankID.

They also provide more information here on how they handle and store your personal data.

Skatteverket Tax Declaration Dates 2023

Don’t forget to keep in mind the schedule and deadlines for declaring taxes in 2023, published by Skatteverket.

Skatteverket Tax Return Dates 2023


Although I haven’t tried it myself, I have felt the struggle of sitting in front of Skatteverket’s website, trying to fill out the correct information while the clock ticks. It always feels scary to make modifications, and it’s hard to be sure that the final count is correct. I used to make several deductions for commuting to and from work and extra income from hobby activities.

I like how Min Deklaration proposes a simple approach to fixing the problem for most people. In complex scenarios, like selling and buying a house, it is easy to miss out on potential returns. One large amounts, paying either of the packages for declaring the right way with advice from experts gives you peace of mind and are worth it.

If you have tried the service, let me know if the comments down below! What’s your experience?

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