Apple Pay Sweden: Add ANY card with this trick (no extra cost) [2022 Guide]

Long-story short:
In this guide, I teach you how you can make any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card work with Apple Pay Sweden. You can also get €6 for FREE after your first transaction for trying Curve out using my link.

Contactless payments have been around for a while. Having a digital wallet comes very handy these days where most shops are accepting this type of payment, removing the need for a physical card or wallet. Especially in an era where we have phones in our pockets almost permanently.

However, the technology behind digital wallets is still maturing, and we still have a long way to go.

apple Pay sweden support

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are three of the biggest and most solid players in this category, but unfortunately, not all cards you get are natively compatible with these wallets. For example, in Sweden, only a handful of credit card issuers offer support for Apple Pay (American Express, Nordea, Swedbank, and a couple more), and it is the same in many other locations.

BUT… there is a workaround.

Curve X 2022. Works with Apple Pay Sweden
The brand new Curve X card (2022)

The solution is to get the Curve (Curve App/Card), which is not a credit card, it is just a card aggregator, and it’s FREE. Read more about Curve in this post. In short: Curve works as a digital wallet, but with the exception that you also get a physical card, and it has several other great features such as cashback and go-back-in-time.

Curve lets you connect almost every other Visa and MasterCard to it, and then just use Curve for payments. Then, the transactions are forwarded to the right active card (which you choose from the app). It is like a credit-card firewall, which is also great for security. Since they also pass along the merchant code, you get points or cash back on all your purchases, as if you’d have done it with the original card.

The amazing part is that Curve works with Apple Pay!

How to add Apple Pay to your Credit Card (with Curve)

  1. Grab the card you want to make compatible with Apple Pay
  2. Get Curve (free). Use my link if you want to get €6 for FREE after your first transaction.
  3. Once you receive the physical Curve card, activate it.
  4. Connect your card to Curve
    1. Open the app.
    2. Go to your Wallet and scroll to the right. Click on (+) Add a New Card
    3. Scan your card with the camera, or fill in the manual details.
    4. Validate the card (either with a small transaction in your statement or digital ID).
  5. Plug your Curve to Apple Pay
    1. Go to your Apple Wallet on your phone.
    2. Click on the (+) icon on the top right, to add a new card
    3. Follow the instructions by either scanning the Curve physical card or entering the numbers manually.
    4. Wait for the confirmation that says “Mastercard Curve Card” is ready for Apple Pay.
    5. Repeat these steps if you want to add more cards.
  6. Set the card as active on the Curve App
    1. Open the Curve App
    2. Go to your Wallet (center icon on the top bottom bar)
    3. Scroll until you see the card you added
    4. Tap on the card icon, “tap to select & pay”. The card will become active and will have the curve logo overlaid.

Here are some examples with my SAS EuroBonus MasterCard (not working with Apple Pay natively)

It’s done

Now you are all set! Have fun spending with your Curve card through Apple Pay. I find it very convenient, so that I can go out just with my phone and have all my cards (or worst case, just carry my physical Curve card with me).

Read more about Curve here. Get €6 for FREE after your first transaction if you order the card using my link.

See you next time!

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