Lassie: Pet Insurance with Rewards

Lassie Försäkring: Pet Insurance With Rewards (2023 Review)

Lassie came to Sweden to change the pet insurance game. Sweden is one of the best places in the world to have pets but also one of the most expensive ones. I’ve seen countless of friends and family members spend well over 30.000 SEK on a single night, for emergency costs for their cats and dogs. With more than 2.5 million registered cats and dogs, over 50% of them are insured. It’s becoming increasingly important to protect your pets against unpredictable events, at an affordable cost and reasonable coverage.

Lassie is a great solution for your household that includes a fantastic mobile app, free online calls, and protection of up to 150.000 SEK/year. In addition, Lassie is the first insurance with a rewards system. As you might already know, we love rewards and points on this blog. You can take courses and quizzes and get points that you can exchange for discounts on your insurance policy. A real win-win.

What is Lassie?

Lassie AB is an insurance intermediary under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority. Lassie offers dog, cat, and breeder’s insurance for up to 150.000 SEK per year, with a mobile app and a reward system for collecting points and referring friends.

The insurer for Lassie AB’s policies is ETU Forsikring A/S, which in turn is reinsured by one of the world’s largest insurance companies globally with Standard & Poor’s AA rating. Lassie AB acts as a distributor of insurance in accordance with the Act (2018:1219) on insurance distribution. Lassie has been top-ranked in Konsumenternas in 2022 and named one of the skyrocketing Swedish startups of 2023.

Lassie Pet Insurance (2023)
Lassie Försäkring: Pet Insurance With Rewards (Sweden)

In Sweden, there are over 1M registered dog owners (a 25% increase in the past 10 years), and over 1.5M registered cats. Sweden also has one of the highest insurance covers for pets in the world, with 90% of the dogs in the country covered. The rate is roughly 60% for horses and 50% for cats. 

Pet Owners in Sweden 2011-2021
Registered dog owners in Sweden (2011-2021)

What does Lassie Offer?

Dog and Cat Insurance (Djurförsäkring)

Lassie focuses on life, not injuries.

  • Mobile app with everything about your insurance
  • Veterinary care up to SEK 150.000
  • Collect points and use the points to lower your price, up to SEK 500 each year
  • Invite your friends and get a discount
Lassie Försäkring Packages
  • Veterinary care: up to 30.000 SEK/year
  • Hidden errors: up to 30.000 SEK/year
  • Optional life insurance
  • Free veterinary care calls via FirstVet
  • Teeth: Yes. Covers dental care in the event of an accident, such as playing in the woods and FORL/TR (after a waiting period of 12 months).
  • Optional deductible: You can choose between 0 SEK, 1500 SEK, or 3500 SEK fixed part together with 15% or 25% variable part. The deductible period is 365 days.
Mellan (Medium)
  • Veterinary care: up to 60.000 SEK/year
  • Hidden errors: up to 60.000 SEK/year
  • Optional life insurance
  • Free veterinary care calls via FirstVet
  • Teeth
  • Medicine
  • Advanced diagnostics: Covers investigation using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and scintigraphy to detect diseases and injuries in the nervous system, bones, and body. It also covers radiation and chemotherapy
  • Cesarean section: For those who choose a medium or large insurance product, compensation is included in the event of a complication during the dog/cat’s first pregnancy for treatment and cesarean section. This does not apply during the first 60 days of the insurance
  • Rehabilitation: If your dog or cat needs rehabilitation after an injury
  • Lining: If your dog or cat needs a special feed, prescribed by a veterinarian (up to 3.000 SEK)
  • Optional deductible
Stor (Large)
  • Veterinary care: up to 150.000 SEK/year
  • Hidden errors: up to 150.000 SEK/year
  • Optional life insurance
  • Free veterinary care calls via FirstVet
  • Teeth
  • Medicine
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Cesarean section
  • Rehabilitation: If your dog or cat needs rehabilitation after an injury
  • Lining up to 6.000 SEK
  • Optional deductible

Breeder Insurance

Lassie also offers comprehensive special insurance for breeders that includes coverage for:

  • Hidden errors: Hidden defects apply to disease or defect that developed before examination by a veterinarian and was not detected during the veterinary inspection.
  • Fertility investigation: An investigation can be substituted when a male is suspected to be sterile and if a female does not become pregnant after mating.
  • Litter of puppies and kittens: Veterinary care for puppy/kitten from birth up to and including the day of delivery to the new owner, up to 4 months of age, with a veterinary care amount of SEK 30.000 in total for all in the litter. In case of death or euthanasia due to established illness or injury between five and twelve weeks of age, SEK 10.000 per puppy and SEK 8.000 per kitten are compensated.
  • Cesarean section: the Mini subscription covers one cesarean section, and for Mellan and Stor, it covers two cesarean sections. The insurance has a waiting period of 60 days for cesarean sections.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance for breeders has a maximum amount of SEK 50,000 for dogs and SEK 20,000 for cats. Compensation is paid if your dog or cat dies as a result of an injury or illness.
  • Life with utility insurance: Add usability insurance regarding the breeding ability or hunting. Compensation is given if the dog/cat loses a characteristic it has proven to have or if it loses the ability to reproduce.

Mobile app

Overview of your insurance

In Lassie’s app you can see your insurance policies, file a claim and chat with their customer service if you have any questions. 

Lassie Mobile App (2023)

Collect points and get discounts

One of the most interesting aspects of Lassie is its reward system. Lassie lets you collect points in the app by completing courses, reading articles, and taking quizzes. The courses are aimed at preventing injuries and illnesses.

Lassie collect points and get discounts

You will find the overview of your points under “Points” in the app. Your points pool is valid for one year, and you can exchange your points for discounts in your insurance policy.

Lassie Mobile App Rewards

How much discount can I get?

Dog insurance

  • 15000 points = SEK 500 discount
  • 3000 points = SEK 100 discount
  • 1500 points = SEK 50 discount

Cat insurance

  • 10000 points = SEK 250 discount
  • 2000 points = SEK 50 discount
  • 1000 points = SEK 25 discount
Lassie exchange points for discounts (2023)

Free Calls to FirstVet

With Lassie’s insurance, you get free calls to the digital vet FirstVet. FirstVet is an independent digital veterinary service that offers video consultations to pet owners for advice and guidance on their pets no matter where they are. FirstVet is a dedicated 24-hour service for those times when you need a vet near you for your pet.

Excellent Customer Score

Lassie has great customer ratings, with nearly 500 reviews, and an average 4.7+ rating on Trustpilot. customer ratings (Trustpilot)

More facts about Lassie Djurförsäkring

  • There are no breed-specific restrictions for dogs.
  • You can influence the price of your Lassie’s policy by changing the deductible amount.
  • Lassie covers complications during the dog’s first pregnancy for treatment and cesarean section (on Mellan and Stor packages).
  • Lassie’s insurance does not cover damages caused by your pet.
  • You can also get insurance for hunting dogs with Lassie.

Lassie: Conclusion

Over 30% of the population in Sweden has a pet, and that’s increasing every year. With high costs in veterinary and treatments, having affordable pet insurance that works is crucial to prevent large unplanned expenses and stay on budget, while giving the best possible treatment to your loved pets.

Lassie offers comprehensive insurance for dogs, cats, and breeders, with packages that cover up to 150.000 SEK/year. You always get free online calls, and optional advanced diagnostics, medicine, c-section, rehab, dental protection, and lining. The most interesting part is that Lassie introduced a reward system where you can collect points and exchange them for discounts. You can even get further discounts by referring friends and family members.

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