Komplett Bank Stops issuing credit cards in Sweden

Komplett Bank STOPS Issuing Credit Cards in Sweden! What Is the Best Alternative?

Komplett Bank has just announced that they stop issuing credit cards in Sweden from October 24th, 2022. Already existing users are not affected (yet). This change will most likely remain until 2023.

This is a real pity since Komplett Bank had one of the best free credit cards in Sweden, with bonus points on all purchases and a very solid system.

On their website you can read the following message:

We are updating the Komplett Bank Mastercard benefits program and are therefore not accepting new credit card applications. You who already have the card are not affected by this at the moment.

Komplett Bank Stops Issuing Credit Cards in Sweden (2022)

What is the best alternative to Komplett Bank Credit Card?

If you are looking for a free credit card in Sweden, check my post here where I cover in detail how I use all those cards and their main benefits.

My top choices include:

  1. Resurs Gold Mastercard
  2. Bank Norwegian Visa
  3. American Express Classic
  4. Marginalen Traveller

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