Komplett Bank is Morrow Bank

Morrow Bank: The New Look Of Komplett Bank (2023)

Starting today, Komplett Bank has a new name: Morrow Bank. After a decade of operation as Komplett Bank, the financial institution is rebranding itself, marking the beginning of a new era. According to the company, this change represents a “renewed emphasis on the future” and a fresh outlook. If you are a customer already, you can expect your relationship with the bank to remain unchanged, and no further action is necessary.

Morrow Bank Logo (2023)

At the blog, we’ve been followers of Komplett Bank for several years. During 2020 and 2021, the Komplett Bank Mastercard was one of the best free credit cards in Sweden and Norway that you could get, with plenty of benefits considering that it had no fees. Recently they stopped issuing them, presumably to prepare for the name change.

Komplett Bank is now Morrow Bank (2023)

What does Morrow mean?

The name Morrow derives from the Old English word meaning morning. For the institution, it is an important guiding star for how they want to develop as a bank. It’s about looking ahead and helping customers look optimistically at tomorrow – no matter what it brings.

Komplett Bank new name: What does it mean?

The new name primarily affects the visuals – new name, new logo, new design on the website, and on new credit cards. The Information you receive from Morrow Bank will also look different; for example, emails will be sent from a new sender and with a new look.

Apart from that, there is not much that affects you as a customer or your relationship with the bank. You keep your existing agreement, the same account and payment information, and your terms and conditions are the same.

“We have taken advantage of all the best from Komplett Bank, not least our talented employees – we are the same bank as before, but more prepared for a new tomorrow.”

Komplett Bank new name is Morrow Bank

What does Morrow Bank offer in 2023?

Morrow Bank offers loans, a credit card with rewards, and a savings account. Check out our full review post about Morrow Bank.

Morrow Bank Review

Morrow Bank Credit Card: Will you get one?

If you are waiting for a new credit card, you will receive the new version as soon as it is ready to be sent. Currently, it is impossible to choose which color your card will get. It will simply be a surprise! The same applies to the card shown in Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

If you have a Komplett Bank Mastercard, you will receive a new Morrow Bank Mastercard in good time before the validity date of your current card expires. Your current card will continue to work as usual.


Morrow Bank is revamping its reward system on their credit cards. Check out this post for more info

Morrow Bank Credit Cards (2023)

What happens now?

The name change to Morrow Bank has been completed. All the new websites are in place, and your agreement is not affected by any of the changes that have taken place. As a customer, you do not need to do anything and can continue to use My Pages, credit cards, or pay off loans in exactly the same way as before.

Check more of the frequently asked questions here.

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