Best ID Theft Protection in Sweden (2023)

ID Theft Protection In Sweden [ID Skydd] (2024)

In Sweden, there are 500 ID hijacks every day, one every 3 minutes. Getting good ID theft protection these days is becoming essential and one of those must-have insurances for our today’s world. I didn’t realize this until I tried to get hijacked 670.000 SEK in loans (read the full story here). At that time, I was using UC ID Skydd protection, but there are other alternatives, so I wrote this post to capture some of the best options these days.

ID hijacking increased by 20% since the pandemic in 2020, and it has been growing since then! ID theft is Sweden’s fastest-growing crime and has become one of the most common crimes in the country. Today, it is just as likely that you will be exposed to ID theft as your bike will be stolen.

Tryggsam Logo (2023)

Offers home security
24/7 support

from 69kr

UC logo
UC ID Skydd

Great reputation
Backed-up by UC
Great family plans

from 89kr

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Established 1999
Home insurance
Pet insurance

from 129kr

Top Theft Protection In Sweden (ID Skydd)

1. Tryggsam

Tryggsam is a new kid on the block. It’s a Swedish company that provides many security services, including identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and home security. Tryggsam’s ID skydd (ID theft protection) service monitors your credit report, Social Security number, and other personal information for signs of fraud or identity theft. But it does it cheaper than other companies, so it is a good starting point.

Tryggsam Logo (2023)

Trygsamm Advantages

  • One of the most affordable identity theft protection services on the market.
  • Easy to sign up, instant start.
  • Reliable.
  • Wide range of features, including identity theft protection, social security number blocking, credit check monitoring, and home security, which UC doesn’t offer.
  • 24/7 customer support.
Tryggsam ID Skydd (2023) - One of the Best ID Theft Protection In Sweden

2. UC ID Skydd

I’ve previously covered UC ID Skydd (read my story here). The service saved me from getting hijacked 670.000 SEK in loans back in 2021. UC ID Skydd is one of the oldest identity protection services offered by UC AB.

UC logo

UC ID Skydd Advantages

  • Sweden’s most trusted protection company.
  • Wide range of features, including identity theft protection, social security number blocking, and credit check monitoring.
  • Great packages for 2 and for families
  • 24/7 customer support.
UC ID Skydd Home (2023)

3. mysafety

mysafety is a Swedish insurance company that specializes in personal and everyday safety. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They are a leading player in everyday security and ID protection in both the Nordics and the Baltics, and continuously invest in establishments in several countries.

mysafey Logo (2023)

mysafety Advantages

  • Identity theft protection.
  • Credit monitoring.
  • Home security.
  • Pet insurance.
mysafety ID Skydd (2023)


Getting your ID hijacked is one of those events nobody is looking forward to, but at the same time, we don’t take action to protect ourselves. I was lucky enough that I got the service offered in conjunction with something else I was buying. I got it “for free” for a while and then just kept paying for it.

In Sweden, because of the principle of transparency, most of your data is public, even your personal number (social security number). There are 500 IDs stolen every day, one every three minutes. I hope this list helps you choose a solid option to protect you and your family. I’ll keep it updated as the services change.

As usual, feel free to drop comments below or contact me via Instagram.

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