ICA Försäkring: Best way to double your cashback with ICA Stammis

ICA is running new campaigns for its line of insurance (home insurance, personal insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, boat insurance, etc.) now that the summer is coming and many people are moving out or going on vacation.

Signing up for one of the insurances at ICA Försäkring is a great way to double up your cashback at ICA grocery stores or pharmacies if you already are an ICA Bank customer.

I also found that their insurance policies are cheaper (with the same coverage) compared to other alternatives such as If. I actually switched from If to ICA Försärkring to save a few extra SEK every month and get extra cashback. They also now have an insurance challenger, which is a tool on their website that lets you compare your insurance against theirs to see which one is more convenient. You just sign-up with Bank-ID and they do the rest!

To ICA Försäkring (sign up and get between 150kr and 600kr depending on the insurance you select)

About ICA Banken

ICA Banken is an excellent alternative to big banks such as Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, etc. It’s part of ICA Group, which also operates their ICA grocery stores and pharmacies Klubb Hjärtat.

ICA Banken has a bonus program called ICA Stammis (recently refreshed), which gives you points for every kronor spent on their grocery stores. At the end of each month, these points are translated into cashback

ICA Banken Försäkring

This is how you collect points in ICA Stammis (from their website)

As a regular at ICA, you get points for everything you trade with us, which can then be turned into a bonus. If you are a member or customer of Apotek Hjärtat , ICA Försäkring and ICA Bank , you can collect stem points or bonuses there as well.

1 SEK = 1 points

– 20 extra points when you pay with one of ICA’s debit cards with us.

– Opportunity for even more bonus as a customer at ICA Bank.

– Get more bonuses when using some of our partner’s everyday services.

ICA Banken Double Bonus (Stammis)

The interesting part of the program is how you can double the bonus by adding more services at ICA Bank, for example, savings account or insurance:

We can double the bonus on your purchases at ICA, as well as Apotek Hjärtat if you are a member of Klubb Hjärtat and also have one of these at ICA Bank:

– Monthly savings 500 SEK / month

– Deposits salary, pension, tuition (CSN) with us

– At least SEK 50,000 in a savings account or mutual fund account

– A home loan or a private loan

– Co-account holder to one who meets the above


If you are a regular customer at ICA grocery stores and pharmacies, it is a good idea to consider opening an account at ICA bank and getting a debit card. This would increase the bonus you earn on each purchase. You can further increase the bonus by signing up for insurance, starting monthly savings, getting your salary, or getting a mortgage loan with them.

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