Instagram Threads for Travel. Will it kill Twitter? (2023)

How To Use Instagram Threads When Traveling. Will It KILL Twitter? (2023)

Last year, we kickstarted our Mastodon channel, and now we are on Threads. Instagram Threads was just launched, and most of us are jumping on it as we write this post. It’s another social media similar to Twitter and focuses on text conversations, although you can also post pictures and videos.

It’s quite easy to set up, as you can import your existing Instagram bio and information. The things you post on Threads are not shared on Instagram, but your followers can easily switch between Instagram and Threads, as they are two separate apps.

Let’s go through some of the top use cases for Instagram Threads when traveling, as well as some of the travel accounts you can follow right now.


Instagram Threads is not yet available in some countries, for example, Sweden or Norway. It will be rolled out in the next few hours, days or weeks.

Instagram Threads Logo (2023)
Threads Logo

How to use Instagram Threads when traveling

Instagram Threads is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family while you’re traveling. Here are some of the use cases we envision:

  1. Share your travel photos and videos with your close friends and family. Threads allows you to share photos and videos directly with your Threads followers without having to post them on your main Instagram feed. This is a great way to share your travel experiences with the people who are most important to you.
  2. Plan your trip with your travel buddies. Threads are a great way to coordinate travel plans with your friends. You can use Threads to share itineraries, flight information, and hotel reservations. You can also use Threads to chat about your travel plans and ask each other questions.
  3. Ask for recommendations from your friends. If you’re looking for recommendations for restaurants, bars, or tourist attractions, you can ask your friends for help in Threads. Your friends can share their favorite spots with you, and you can even start a group chat to discuss your options.
  4. Document your trip. Threads are a great way to document your trip. You can use Threads to share photos and videos of your adventures and your thoughts and feelings about your trip. This is a great way to look back on your trip and remember all the fantastic things you did.
Instagram Threads Desktop Website (2023)

Instagram Threads vs. Twitter

Instagram Threads and Twitter are social media platforms allowing users to share short messages with their followers. However, some key differences between the two platforms could make Threads a better choice for some users.

Threads is more focused on close friends. Threads is designed to be a more intimate platform than Twitter. Users can only connect with their close friends on Threads, meaning their messages are only seen by the people who matter most to them. This can be a great way to share personal updates and photos without worrying about them being seen by a wider audience.

Threads is more visual. Threads is heavily focused on visuals. Users can share photos, videos, and Boomerangs in their Threads posts. This makes Threads a great platform for sharing travel photos, food pics, and other visual content.

Threads is more private. Threads messages are ephemeral, meaning that they disappear after 24 hours. This can be a great way to share private messages with your friends without worrying about them being saved or shared.

Of course, there are also some advantages to using Twitter. For example, Twitter has a larger audience than Threads, so it can be a good platform for reaching a wider audience. Twitter also has a more active community, so it can be a good place to find people who share your interests.

Instagram Threads Travel Accounts You Can follow RIGHT NOW.

1. AirLapse Pro Travel Hacking

Stay on top of our latest post, news, travel guides, and tutorials on our official Threads account! We will be publishing regularly from today! Connect with me if you have questions or suggestions.

AirLapse on Instagram Threads (2023)

2. The Points Guy

Our favorite, TPG, kickstarting their first post on Threads. Follow for honest reviews and the latest trip reports.

The Points Guy TPG on Instagram Threads (2023)

3. Ryan Horn Points and Profit

Follow Ryan for great tips and advice on point hacking and getting the most out of your miles and credit cards.

Points Miles and Money on Instagram Threads (2023) - Ryan Horn

4. MaxMilesPoints

Follow Max to get his latest video tutorials and resources directly from threads. Ask him questions directly there too.

MaxMilesPoints on Instagram Threads (2023)

5. American Airlines

Official account from American Airlines. Brilliant first post.

American Airlines on Instagram Threads (2023)

6. Delta

Official account for Delta Airlines. No post yet. It will be great to see if they are as engaged as all the other social media channels they have.

Delta Airlines on Instagram Threads (2023)

7. The Points Party

Resources and guides to find the best credit card for point earning and free travel

The Points Party on Instagram Threads (2023)

I’ve also seen some other airlines getting started, such as Sky Airlines, Air New Zealand, etc.

Conclusion: Instagram Threads

Looking forward to seeing how this social media develops and how we can leverage it to stay more connected in a better way. Feel free to reach out and follow if you are already there! Glad to connect.

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