Fortum: save money in electricity in Sweden 2022 (Get 420 kr)

Long-story short:
You can switch your current electricity provider to Fortum using my link and get 420 SEK (1 year free monthly fee)

In my case, I’ve seen a 5x increase, from about 130 SEK / month to over 600 SEK! It’s hard to catch up.

One trick you can use is to switch your electricity provider. The process is very straightforward, and with just a few clicks you can seamlessly lower your bill the next month. As a new customer, you often get many benefits and better deals.

Fortum: 100% Green energy

Fortum Logo (2022)

I was a Vattenfall customer, but looking for better prices I got a better offer from Fortum, which is an electricity provider with a simple philosophy: 100% fossil-free energy. The fact that it is 100% renewable energy makes it already very attractive.

You can sign-up for Fortum and get 420 SEK discount in your subscription (no monthly fee for 12 months).

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