How to get Twitter Blue for free using Plutus (2023)

How To Get Twitter Blue For Free With Plutus (2023)

As of today, the Plutus card now offers Perks at over 35 merchants worldwide, where you get reimbursed up to €10 every month in PLU rewards. Now they added Twitter Blue and ChatGPT, so I wrote this step-by-step guide on getting Twitter Blue for free using Plutus.

A few weeks ago, I wrote this guide about How To Get Free Spotify with Plutus, and it became so popular that I wanted to cover Twitter Blue and ChatGPT as well. Remember you can get €10 as a gift after you deposit your first €20 if you sign-up for Plutus using my link.

How it works (the short story)

You order the Plutus debit card, top it up, pay for Twitter Blue, and then get reimbursed the amount you paid in PLU. You can use those rewards to top up your card again, exchange for Euro €, or convert to a different currency using an external wallet. Plutus is what I’ve been using to get free Spotify and Netflix for the past 8 months.

Why to upgrade to Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is attractive because it gives you a blue verified badge, which most people use to increase their credibility as a public figure or organization. The subscription service costs $8 a month and offers other premium features such as the possibility to edit tweets after they have been posted, undo tweets, create and manage folders, and use custom colors and themes for your Twitter profile, and tips.

Twitter Blue Logo (2023)

How To Get Twitter Blue For Free with Plutus (Step-by-step)

The process to get Twitter Blue for free with Plutus is quite simple. Overall, the steps are as follows:

  1. Sign-up for Plutus.
  2. Activate and top-up the Plutus Card.
  3. Select Twitter Blue as your Plutus Perk.
  4. Pay for Twitter Blue using your Plutus Card.
  5. Wait for the rewards to post to your account (takes 30 days)
  6. Top up your Plutus card using your PLU rewards.
  7. Done!

Now, check below the instructions in detail

How to get Twitter Blue for free using Plutus (Step-by-step)

1. Sign-up for Plutus

Sign-up for the Plutus card. You’ll need to make a top-up for at least €20 to order it. You can get €10 for free when you sign-up using my Plutus invitation link.

2. Activate and top up the Plutus card

After you order the Plutus card, wait for it to arrive, top it up with €20, and activate the card using the security code (CVV) in the app. Once you’ve done this, you can use the debit card for purchases in any physical or online shop.

3. Select Twitter Blue as your Plutus Perk

Log-in to your Plutus Dashboard or open your Plutus App. Then go to the Perks tab. You will see two panes: Current Month and Next Month. This is in case you want to switch perks from month to month.

Once you go to Current Month, select the Twitter Blue Perk and make sure it is active.

4. Pay for Twitter Blue using your Plutus card

Next, you need to set up your Twitter Blue payment method to use your Plutus card.

Log in to your Twitter Account and navigate to Profile -> Twitter Blue. A pop-up will display, select Subscribe and choose your plan (choose Monthly). If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to verify your phone number.


The trick to getting Twitter Blue reimbursed with Plutus is paying monthly for the Twitter Blue subscription. Don’t choose your yearly plan, as Plutus has a monthly cap of $10 in PLU Rewards for every Perk. Otherwise, you will pay $84 for your yearly subscription and only get reimbursed $10.

Twitter Blue Signup Page

Following, select “pay with card” and add your Plutus card numbers.

Twitter Blue Payment Method (2023)

That’s it! now you have upgraded to Twitter Blue. Save your changes and wait until your account is charged. When the transaction is made on your Plutus account, you will see the Twitter Blue transaction.

See this example below, where I show how my transactions post for Twitter Blue, Netflix, and Spotify.

Plutus Netflix Perk Transaction

5. Wait for the PLU rewards to post to your Account

In the Plutus Dashboard, Pluton -> Rewards, you will see the pending transactions and the amount of PLU rewards you will receive. It takes about a month for the rewards to be available on your account (read here).

Below there’s a screenshot of my account, and you’ll see a CRV*TWITTER transaction for $8.00 that Plutus fully reimburses.

Plutus Netflix Perk: Reward Transaction (PLU)

6. Top up your Plutus Card using your earned PLU

After 28 days, you get those PLU available on your Plutus account, which you can change to Euros or use to top up your Plutus card (in Euros). Once you log in to your Dashboard, go to the Pluton tab.

Top up your Plutus card using PLU - Step 1

Click on sell, and select the amount of PLU you want to use to top up your card. You are limited by the number of available PLU, and you cannot top up more than €30 daily. Follow the steps and confirm the transaction, in my case I will change 3.15 PLU which is €27.41

Once you confirm, the transaction takes some time to finish, between 1 hour and 1 day, depending on the exchange speed. You can see the pending orders under Withdrawals in your statement.

Top up your Plutus card using PLU - Step 5

7. Done.

That’s it! Now you have your money back ready to use in your Plutus Card. Note that this money is now in Euro (€) and will not fluctuate like the PLU valuation. You can use that money to buy stuff and even pay for Twitter Blue the following month.

Wrap Up

Hope you enjoy your Twitter Blue account for free :). My advice would be to be patient, because rewards are not instant! They usually take about 30-45 days until you get in the process, but once you get in the cycle it is smooth and simple. I’ve been getting reimbursed every month for both Netflix and Spotify by upgrading to my Plutus Starter membership (only €4.99).

If you have any feedback, feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram!

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