Plutus Netflix Perk (2023)

How To Get Free Netflix with Plutus (Plutus Netflix Perk 2023)

Wondering how to use the Plutus Netflix Perk? Here’s a step-by-step guide for you. Plutus is one of the best crypto debit cards of 2023 and a great alternative to the Visa card. With the Plutus card, you can get Perks such as reimbursement for Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple One, and many other subscriptions.

A few weeks ago, I wrote this guide about How To Get Free Spotify with Plutus, and the guide became so popular that people asked me for a Netflix one too. So here it is.

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Plutus Netflix Perk (Step-by-Step guide)

The process to get free Netflix with Plutus is quite simple. Overall, the steps are:

  1. Sign-up for Plutus.
  2. Activate and top-up the Plutus Card
  3. Select Netflix as your Plutus Perk
  4. Pay for Netflix using your Plutus Card
  5. Wait for the rewards to post to your account
  6. Top up your Plutus card using your PLU rewards
  7. Done

Now, check below the instructions in detail.

How to get free Netflix with Plutus in 2023 (Plutus Netflix Perk)

1. Sign-up for Plutus

Sign-up for the Plutus card. To order it, you’ll need to make a top-up for at least €20. You can get €10 for free when you sign-up using our Plutus invitation link.

2. Activate and top up the Plutus card

After you order the Plutus card, wait for it to arrive, top it up with €20, and activate the card using the security code (CVV) in the app. Once you’ve done this, you can use the debit card for purchases in any physical or online shop.

3. Select Netflix as your Plutus Perk

Log-in to your Plutus Dashboard or open your Plutus App. Then go to the Perks tab. You will see two panes: Current Month and Next Month. This is in case you want to switch perks from month to month.

Once you go to Current Month, select the Netflix Perk and make sure it is active.

4. Pay for Netflix using your Plutus card

Next, you need to set up your Netflix payment method to use your Plutus card.

Log in to your Netflix Account and go to Account -> Manage Payment Info

Netflix Manage Payment Info

Following, select “add a new payment method” and add your Plutus card numbers. Alternatively, you can use PayPal (adding Plutus there), or use a Curve card combined with Plutus (read here).

Netflix update payment card using Plutus

That’s it. Save your changes and wait until your account is charged. When the transaction is made, on your Plutus account you will see the Netflix transaction.

Plutus Netflix Perk Transaction

5. Wait for the PLU rewards to post to your Account

In the Plutus Dashboard, Pluton -> Rewards, you will see the pending transactions and the amount of PLU rewards you will receive. It takes about a month for the rewards to be available on your account (read here).

Below there’s a screenshot of my account, and you’ll see a CRV*NETFLIX transaction for €11.00. Plutus fully reimburses a total of €11 EUR, and the remaining amount (€5.11) is considered a standard transaction where I get 3% PLU back. That’s why you see two different reward transactions pending.

Note that I use Plutus in combination with Curve (to get extra rewards), that’s why you see CRV*NETFLIX in the statement.

Plutus Netflix Perk: Reward Transaction (PLU)

6. Top up your Plutus Card using your earned PLU

After 28 days, you get those PLU available on your Plutus account, which you can change to Euros or use to top up your Plutus card (in Euros). Once you log in to your Dashboard, go to the Pluton tab.

Top up your Plutus card using PLU - Step 1

Click on sell, and select the amount of PLU you want to use to top up your card. You are limited by the number of available PLU, and you cannot top up more than €30 daily. Follow the steps and confirm the transaction; in my case, I will change 3.15 PLU, which is €27.41

Once you confirm, the transaction takes some time to finish, between 1 hour and 1 day, depending on the exchange speed. You can see the pending orders under Withdrawals in your statement.

Top up your Plutus card using PLU - Step 5

7. Done! You are ready to use your card

That’s it! Now you have your money back ready to use in your Plutus Card. Note that this money is now in Euro (€) and will not fluctuate like the PLU valuation. You can use that money to buy stuff and even pay for Netflix the following month.

Plutus Netflix Perk: Wrap up

In this guide, I showed how I use Plutus and take advantage of the Plutus Netflix Perk to get reimbursed for my free Netflix Premium subscription. I also use it for Spotify.

Hope it was helpful, and if you have any feedback, feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram!

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