How To Create a New Nexo Wallet in 2023 (Nexo Wallet Now Live)

How To Create a New Nexo Wallet In 2023 (Nexo Non-Custodial Wallet Now Live!)

I just an email from Nexo announcing that their latest product Nexo Wallet is now live. I joined their beta waitlist a few weeks ago, and now it seems things are up and running.

Here’s the email I got from Nexo:

Dear Germán,

Today marks a significant milestone we’ve aimed to achieve for a long time – allowing you to manage your digital assets in a fully decentralized manner.

The new Nexo Wallet is secure, user-friendly, and above all, smart. It’s not only a non-custodial solution but a full Web3 package. Are you ready to create your own digital Identity, access DeFi in a cost-efficient way, and collect NFTs? Click the button below to experience it all on Nexo.

Plutus Card 2022
Plutus Card

Get €10 after you deposit €20
Free Perk (Spotify or Netflix rebate)
3% to 8% cashback
Noncustodial wallet
Refer friends and get €10

Nexo Card 2022
Nexo Card

Get €20 after you deposit €100
2% cashback or 0.5% in BTC
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Borrow money at 0% interest
Refer friends and get $25 visa obsidian black Visa

Get $25 after you “stake” €350
1% or 2% cashback
Free Spotify or Netflix only for 6 months
Reward only in CRO
Refer friends and get $25

It seems that to promote people from creating their wallets, Nexo is also covering GAS fees to create identities on multiple networks such as Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom.

Nexo Wallet 2023: Nexo covers all GAS fees to activate identities on Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Phantom Opera
Nexo will cover all GAS fees for five networks.

Remember that you can combine it with the Nexo Card and get $20 when you deposit your first $100. The Nexo Card works both in the US and Europe.

The Nexo Wallet Beta Features

  • Create Your Web3 Identity: Build your on-chain persona and prove ownership of all your crypto and NFTs. 
  • Save on Transaction Fees: Batch multiple transactions to execute them at once and save on gas fees.
  • Pay Gas Fees with Non-Native Tokens: Keep your native tokens and pay gas fees with stablecoins, wETH, or others.
  • Optimize Your Swaps: Aggregate liquidity from multiple DEXs to get the best possible prices for your swaps.
  • Bring All Balances Under One Identity: Track all your assets across multiple non-custodial wallets* in one intuitive dashboard.
  • Interact with Ethereum, BNB Chain & More: Send, receive, and swap on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom.

I jumped in right away and here are some screenshots of how I created my Nexo wallet without connecting it to MetaMask or Coinbase. I had to top-up my Ethereum wallet and pay about $5 in GAS fees to activate my Ethereum identity.

How to create a Nexo Wallet? (Step-by-step)

  1. Go to the Nexo Wallet Website.
  2. Select Create Wallet. (You can also choose to connect a MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet)
  3. Copy your wallet’s backup phrase.
  4. Confirm your wallet’s backup by selecting the first and last word of your phrase.
  5. Create a password.
  6. Sign the native wallet request.
  7. Activate your Polygon identity (paid by Nexo)
  8. Activate your Avalance C-Chain identity (paid by Nexo)
  9. Activate your BNB Chain identity (paid by Nexo)
  10. Activate your Fantom Opera identity (paid by Nexo)
  11. Transfer funds to activate Ethereum identity
  12. Activate Ethereum identity
  13. That’s it! You have created a wallet and activated your web3 identities
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