How to compare credit cards in Sweden the easy way with (one credit check, multiple cards!)

When I first came to Sweden, I was eager to start the credit card game. Before I was finally able to build a little bit of credit score to apply to them (with a few months of salary), I did some research and tried to compare credit cards in Sweden on my own. I remember I even built my own spreadsheet with all the benefits!

That was cute, and useful for time being, but of course, it is an approach that doesn’t stand time. There are so many cards out there coming and going, and the benefits keep changing constantly.

At some point, I found Kortio. Kortio compares all cards in the market, giving you a quick overall picture of what is offered, including benefits, perks, and fees.

IMHO the best part of Kortio is that if you apply through them, there’s only one credit report made on you as a customer, regardless of the number of banks that process your credit application. This means that with a single credit check, you could apply to multiple cards or banks!

Otherwise, if you apply directly through the banks, you need one credit check per card, which can completely ruin your credit score.

You do not have to be a customer in the bank to apply for a card, but you can freely choose the offer that suits you and your lifestyle best. For example, you might want a card with no foreign exchange premium, no annual fee, or a lot of sign-up bonus points. It is very easy to filter them and browse all the different categories (Travel, Food, Shopping, Premium, or Gasoline).

How to compare credit cards in Sweden

When you go to their page, they prompt with either a quick guide (survey-based) or some quick filters that target the cards based on Travel, Shopping, etc.

Kortio: Compare Credit Cards in 
Sweden quick and easy

At the bottom, you also see a highlight of the most popular cards in the past months. Right next to the cards, you’ll see an indicator of how good those cards are regarding insurance, groceries, and travel. They also highlight the fees involved, and some pros and cons.

When you filter by type (e.g. Travel), Kortio will rank the cards based on reviews and ratings. You can select multiple of them to compare side by side and eventually apply.

Kortio Travel Cards
Kortio Travel Cards

For example, here I selected the SAS World Mastercard Premium card, and it displays a quick summary of the benefits and requirements.


Apparently, Kortio was founded in 2013 and later bought by a gaming company (Swegaming AB) in 2019. Here’s the press release where they announced it. I think Swegaming’s plan is to move the domain to, which they also launched in Finland in 2019.

Statement from Kortio:

Kortio was formed in 2013 with the goal of helping consumers find the right in the ever-growing credit market. We are independent card intermediaries who are completely independent from card institutions. With long experience of providing personal finance services with the internet as a starting point, we pass on your card application to the chosen bank or credit institution. First, let us help you find the right card for your financial situation and lifestyle.

If you apply for a credit card with Kortio, only one credit report is made on you as a customer, regardless of the number of banks that process your credit application. The credit information is the basis for the banks’ credit assessment and the terms they can offer. When you apply via Kortio, you are assessed by the bank in exactly the same way as if you had applied directly to the bank. Kortio’s services are completely free of charge for you as a customer

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