How to add Apple Pay to Plutus

How to add the Plutus Card to Apple Pay (In 3 Easy Steps)

Long-story short

In this post, I show you step-by-step how to add the Plutus card to Apple Pay. The Plutus crypto reward card (read more) does not support Apple Pay natively, but you can connect it with Curve at no extra cost and get Apple Pay on your Plutus card working for free. You also get €5 for trying Curve after your first 3 transactions.

Plutus Welcome Letter (2022). Please find your Plutus Card enclosed. Follow the steps below to activate your card and start earning 3% in crypto rewards (PLU) on every valid purchase - Add the Plutus card to Apple Pay
Plutus Card welcome letter

What is the Plutus card?

Plutus helps you earn Crypto Rewards every time you shop with a Visa Debit Card. Their philosophy is “don’t buy crypto, earn it!”. Every time you spend with a Plutus Card, you earn 3% back in crypto rewards (PLU), which can be used to unlock additional benefits. Supported EEA countries can convert and spend their crypto assets at over 60+ million merchants. The crypto is converted into euros (€) via a decentralized exchange (DEX).

With the Plutus card, your funds are stored on a non-custodial Ethereum wallet. This is important as it means you (and only you) have access to your cryptocurrency, unlike other alternatives like the Visa card.

By cutting out the third party, the wallet becomes truly decentralized, trustless, and a lot safer from both hacks and institutional power trips.

What’s the benefit? You can get high cashback between 3% and 8% on all your purchases, which can be very lucrative if you use the card a lot. They also offer subscriptions and the possibility to stake their PLU tokens to get even higher rewards.

The Plutus Visa card only offers cashback in PLU, and does not offer cashback in other coins such as Bitcoin (like the Lemon card), or Ethereum. To be totally fair, that’s the same as most cashback cards ( offers CRO tokens, Nexo offers NEXO, etc.).

If you want to try it out, you can get €10 in PLU just by signing up for the card and top it up with €20 using my link. Then you will be able to spend €30 in total 🙂

Plutus card doesn’t support Apple Pay Natively

The Plutus crypto rewards card does not support Apple Pay natively, as you can read on their website

The Plutus visa card does not support Apple Pay

In the Plutus app, there is no button to add the Plutus card to Apple Pay either

Plutus App: It is not possible to add the Plutus visa card to Apple Pay

BUT… there is a workaround

Curve X card 2022
You can connect Plutus and Curve to enable Apple Pay on the Plutus card

The solution is to get the Curve (The Curve App/Card), which is not a credit card, it is just a card aggregator, and it’s free. Read more about Curve in this post.

In short: Curve works as a digital wallet, but with the exception that you also get a physical card, and it has several other great features such as cashback and go-back-in-time.

Curve lets you connect almost every Visa or MasterCard card out there, and then just use Curve for payments. Then, the transactions are forwarded to the right active card (which you choose from the app). It is like a credit-card firewall, which is also fantastic for security. Since they also pass along the merchant code, you get points or cashback on all your purchases, as if you’d have done it with the original card.

The amazing part is that Curve works with Apple Pay! So you can use Curve to enable Apple Pay on cards that don’t support it, like Plutus.

How to Add The Plutus Card to Apple Pay: Step by Step

  1. Sign-up for Plutus and order your card (Get €10)
  2. Once you received your card, activate it using your CVV code in the Plutus app.
  3. Get Curve (free). Use my link to get €6 FOR FREE after your first transaction.
  4. Once you receive the physical Curve card, activate it.
  5. Add the Plutus card to Curve
    1. Open the Curve app.
    2. Go to your Wallet and scroll to the right. Click on (+) Add a New Card
    3. Scan your card with the camera, or fill in the manual details.
    4. Validate the transaction. Plutus sends you a notification with a verification code. Enter that code in your Curve verification screen.
  6. Add the Curve card to Apple Pay
    1. Go to your Apple Wallet on your phone.
    2. Click on the (+) icon on the top right, to add a new card
    3. Follow the instructions by either scanning the Curve physical card or entering the numbers manually.
    4. Wait for the confirmation that says “Mastercard Curve Card” is ready for Apple Pay.
    5. Repeat these steps if you want to add more cards.
  7. Set the Plutus Visa card as active on the Curve app
    1. Open the Curve App
    2. Go to your Wallet (center icon on the top bottom bar)
    3. Scroll until you see the Plutus card you added (WARNING: it can show up as Wirex)
    4. Tap on the card icon, “tap to select & pay”. The card will become active and will have the curve logo overlaid.

Now you are all set! That’s how you add the Plutus card to Apple Pay (using Curve). Just fun spending with your Curve card through Apple Pay.

See you next time!

BTW: Plutus also lets you choose Perks, which is a reimbursement every month on certain subscriptions like Apple One, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, etc. The more PLU you stake, the more perks you can get (free subscriptions on top of your cashback). One of the perks you can choose is to get a FREE Curve Black card, as I wrote here.

Read more about Plutus and Curve here

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