Not Yet Another Avgeek Blog: Hi From AirLapse! (2019)

Hi from AirLapse! My name is Germán, and no, I’m not German :).

I am an avgeek, and had a passion for flying and airplanes since I was born. Over the years, and thanks to my work, I had the chance to take over 400 flights and travel over 1.2M kilometers (31 times around the world).

Back in 2010, I decided to start recording videos about my adventures and started uploading them to YouTube in 2015 just for fun. As a big surprise to me, they started to get more and more views over time, some of them even going over 50k views!

American Airlines A321neo First Class Review (Germán Ceballos). Hi from AirLapse!

Hi from AirLapse 🙂

Now that they’ve become more popular, I’m starting this blog to share more about the details of how I booked those trips and chose the itineraries based on the price, aircraft type, and seat configurations 🙂

I also started making some tutorials sharing tips and tricks with different frequent flyer programs, in particular with SAS EuroBonus, since I am based in Sweden. I write guides, tools, and resources on personal finance, sharing my experience in Sweden.

Hope you enjoy the content, and please let me know your feedback, comments, and suggestions!

You can always reach out to me here, or via Instagram.

Keep calm and fly 🙂

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