Fortum: Get 500kr or 13.000 SAS EuroBonus Points with your new electricity contract

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Fortum is an electricity provider with a simple philosophy: 100% fossil-free energy. The fact that it is 100% renewable energy makes it already attractive to a lot of people, but to get more traction, Fortum has introduced a number of promotions in the past few years, including one with SAS EuroBonus.

I switched to Fortum back in 2015 and I must say I’m very satisfied with their service. The effort was only to fill in a form on their website, and get a phone call from the confirming. A few days later I was already operating with them. I’m so satisfied with the service that I’m taking my contract with me now that I have to move from my current place.

What they offer is 13.000 SAS EuroBonus points when you sign up: 10.000 as a sign-up bonus, and then 250 points per month as you pay your invoices (3000/year) as an incentive to remain a long-term customer.

Another ongoing promotions right now (if you are not interested in EuroBonus) are 500 SEK discount in electricity when you sign up, or even better if you are a student: 500 kr discount plus free electricity during June, July, and August!

This is how it looks when you log-in to your account on their website. A quick overview of your consumption, your invoices and contract:


I have the Rörligt Rent elpris EuroBonus contract, which is a variable electricity price. Here you can see a breakdown of the price per kWh. Compared to others such as Vattenfall, Elon, etc., 17.12 öre/kWh is pretty good. They do have an extra monthly fee (månadsavgift) on the SAS EuroBonus program after the first year, but even including that fee, it is a cheap way to get 250 EuroBonus points. Of course, this is something you might want to revisit after the first year with them.

With this fee included, I pay about 136kr a month.


This is how you see your points credited to your EuroBonus statement every month:



It’s good to see more companies that offer fossil-free energy, and it is even better if they partner with SAS EuroBonus. The service is excellent, although I would also appreciate if they would run some kind of loyalty bonus for their EuroBonus customers (with extra points after each year with them).

I’ve been their customer for 5 years now with absolutely no problem and better, cleaner and cheaper energy than other alternatives out there.

Sign up for Fortum here.

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