FlightConnections Review

FlightConnections: The Easiest Way To Check Flight Routes (2024)

Have you ever tried to plan a trip but don’t know exactly how to get there? When you use tools such as Google Flights or other search engines, you can pick a date and explore destinations, getting results from available flights. However, there’s a missing piece: you don’t get to see all the different airlines that operate that route on a regular basis. When you are putting together an award ticket or a low-budget trip, it’s essential to understand the routes available, the airlines operating them, and the different schedules.

FlightConnections is here to cover that gap: it’s so far the easiest and most beautiful way to explore flight routes and schedules, including advanced filters based on items such as price, dates, airlines, aircraft, cabin type, and even airline alliances.

I’ve been using it intensely to plan award trips, as well as to stay up to date with industry changes, such as new routes and cabins. I want to try and review the blow (for example, on this post about which airlines fly to my hometown). In this post, we have a deep dive and look at FlightConnections in detail. Let’s start!

FlightConnections Review (2024)

FlightConnections provides an overview of all flight routes worldwide. Find scheduled flights from all airports in the world. Discover airline routes and flight schedules globally. Compare direct flights or connecting flights to find new possibilities. It’s a key tool for planning leisure and business trips.

FlightConnections Logo

Beautiful User Interface

FlightConnections has a clean, intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The website’s design is straightforward and allows you to find the information you need quickly. The interactive map is a standout feature, providing a visual and interactive way to explore flight routes. The map’s responsiveness and clarity, even when displaying numerous routes, are commendable. The free version displays ads, while the Premium (paid) plan removes them and adds extra features.

FlightConnections Home

How do FlightConnections work?

1. Go to FlightConnections.com

You can use it without an account or create an account for free. The free version is supported through ads, while their premium tier is ad-free.

FlightConnections Home

2. Select a departure point

It can be a specific airport, city, or region. In this case, we are searching from Stockholm Arlanda airport.

FlightConnections select a departure airport

Once you’ve selected the departure airport, FlightConnections will show you all direct routes on the map. Alternatively, you can choose to show indirect destinations with one or more stopovers.

FlightConnections flights from Stockholm Arlanda

A handy tool is the option ‘draw an area’: you can drop a radius around a region to see routes from/to airports in that area.

FlightConnections select a departure area
FlightConnections draw an area

3. View nonstop routes; tap to explore more

You can add a destination airport, but also tap on any of the routes on the map to explore more. Once you select a route (e.g., Stockholm to New York), on the left, you’ll see all airlines operating that route with their corresponding schedules.

You can use the button Check Prices to trigger a search for given dates.

FlightConnections Stockholm to New York

4. Check prices with Kayak

There are two ways to check prices. From the map view, you can trigger the Check Prices option. That will open a calendar view where you can select whether your flight is one-way or round-trip and show flight prices (powered by Kayak).

FlightConnections check prices dates

The other option is to show average flight prices in the map view. For that, simply tap on the Price View icon on the top left of the screen after you’ve performed a search.

FlightConnections Price View

5. Apply filters

Filter results by airline, operating aircraft, and even airline alliances.

FlightConnections advanced filters

FlightConnections Premium (Pricing)

While the tool is free, it is ad-supported, and some features are limited. The tool offers a premium tier at just $2.99 per month, with more advanced capabilities, including:

  • No advertisements
  • Faster performance (thanks to no ads)
  • Country search
  • Date filter
  • Price view (economy)  💸
  • 12-month Flight schedules
  • Airline filters (filter multiple)
  • Alliance filter
  • Class Filter
  • Full map view
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
FlightConnections premium

Here are some examples of premium features we love.

Fullscreen map

When searching, tap on the Full Map button to view the map in full screen.

FlightConnections Fullmap

Mobile app

FlightConnections Premium offers an app for iOS and Android.

FlightConnections Mobile App

Support for multiple languages

You can change the tool to various languages, including Swedish!

FlightConnections supports multiple languages

Route maps by airline or alliance

Another great shortcut is to display the route map per alliance or airline. This becomes very handy when exploring connections to remote places, especially if you are trying to earn or redeem miles on award flights.

FlightConnections maps per airline or alliance

For example, here’s a route map for Aerolíneas Argentinas.

FlightConnections Airline map: Aerolineas Argentinas

Top 100 airports

There’s also a quick way to see the top 100 airports and routes popular in the search engine.

Conclusion: Is FlightConnections Good?

I’ve always favored democratizing information to the world and bringing it to users in the easiest and most streamlined way possible. That’s precisely what FlightConnection does. I wish I had a tool like FlightConnections in the past when I spent dozens of hours trying to figure out connecting flights within the same Alliance or airline, especially before the Google Flights days (I remember the good old ITA Matrix, still alive, btw.).

If you are a savvy traveler, or serious about trip planning, FlightConnections is a tool you want to have under your sleeve. Their premium tier costs less than a Grande Latte at Starbucks and unlocks a world of knowledge in just a few clicks. Kudos to their team for bringing this technology to our hands.

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