Fibio Review 2023

Fibio Review: Cheap 5G for Everyone (2023)

Fibio is a new low-cost operator in the mobile market with a focus on satisfied customers. Unlike other operators such as Comviq, Halebop, Tele2, or Telia, they offer customer service with high availability and optional 5G on all their packages. Many of the big operators are only including 5G on large packages, pushing subscribers to get the most expensive subscriptions.

Fibio offers mobile subscriptions, mobile broadband, and home telephone, and also sells mobile phones. Another strong point of Fibio is that they offer no binding time, meaning you can cancel the subscription anytime, plus the ability to pause your subscription.

Long story short (TL;DR): Fibio offers the cheapest 5G subscriptions in 2023, with no binding time, great customer service, great coverage using Telenor’s network, and a best-price guarantee.

Fibio main advantages and promises

  • 5G is available on any package
  • Price guarantee on all services (if you find it cheaper somewhere else)
  • Top-class customer service (fast and highly available)
  • Free and easy change between subscriptions
  • Extra long right of withdrawal (3 weeks)
  • Pause your subscription any time (for up to 6 months)
  • No biding time
  • Excellent 4.7+ Trustpilot score
  • Sweden’s most satisfied customers
  • Best coverage in Telenor’s network
  • Bonus: Free Viaplay for 1 Month (included)

What does Fibio offer?

1. Mobile subscription with free surfing

When it comes to mobile subscriptions, Fibio offers several sizes of its subscriptions from very little to unlimited. Some surf up to 50 GB depending on the size you choose can be used within the EU. All subscriptions include both calls and SMS within the EU. The only thing different in the packages is how much data you have available to surf the web. If you find that your subscription is not enough, you can easily switch between the subscriptions.

There is no binding period with Fibio and also a three-week right of withdrawal, which is one week longer than the law requires. The prices are not among the lowest, but they offer a price guarantee if you manage to find an equivalent mobile subscription elsewhere.

When it comes to mobile networks, Fibio has chosen to use Telenor as an operator and can thus offer really good coverage to its customers. As a customer, you also have a coverage guarantee if you do not get adequate coverage where you live.

Fibio Mobile Subscription Packages 2023

2. Mobile Broadband

Fibio also offers mobile broadband with many different amounts of data. Just as with mobile phone subscriptions, you as a mobile broadband customer have a price guarantee, coverage guarantee, and good customer service. You can even bring your mobile broadband with you both within Sweden and the EU. Depending on which subscription you choose, you can use up to 10 GB of surfing within the EU.

Fibio Broadband

3. Home Telephone

If you also need home telephony, Fibio has two different types of subscriptions, where one is via the mobile network and the other is broadband telephony. If you order online, you get a free connection fee. With different subscription sizes, you can either pay a fixed price for calls or get free calls within Sweden.

Fibio Mobile Telephony 2023

4. 100% Customer Satisfaction

For being a low-cost operator, Fibio has unusually high availability of its customer service. They have set specific targets for response times and if they do not meet the target of responding to you as a customer within a certain time, you will receive extra data on your package.

They also want you to be satisfied with both the coverage and the price and therefore have a coverage guarantee and a price guarantee. If you need to pause your subscription, you also have the option to pause it whenever you want once a year for a maximum of 6 months.

Is Fibio better than other operators?

Comparison: Fibio vs. Comviq and Fibio vs. Halebop

Let’s have a look at 3 different packages (small, medium, and large), and compare what Fibio offers against two other popular low-cost operators that also include 5G: Comviq and Halebop

6GB Subscription (Small Package)

20GB Subscription (Medium Package)

40GB+ Subscription (Largest Package)

Who owns Fibio Nordic?

Fibio is a private company with 2 members in the board, 4 employees, and based on Telenor’s network. The company was established in 2018 and has grown from -2.2M SEK turnover to +1.5M SEK in 2021 (a huge increase).

Fibio Nordic AB is part of a group that owns 5 other companies, the group’s parent company is Delavar Capital AB.

Fibio Nordic AB turnover 2019-2021
Fibio Nordic Figures (Turnover 2019-2021)

Fibio Student Offer

Fibio has special promotions for students, seniors, and families. As a student, you can get double surf in any package for the same price.

Fibio Nordic FAQ

Fibio Nordic: Conclusion

With the rise of 5G, it’s important that most people get access to that service at affordable prices while getting good coverage. Big operators are usually more expensive and slow-paced, requiring long contracts with binding times of 12 months or more. Even low-cost operators like Comviq and Halebop, which borrow other networks, only include 5G on large and expensive subscriptions.

Fibio is a new mobile operator that came to change the game. With no binding times, and the possibility to include 5G in any package, you can enjoy a good service at decent prices, whether you are using it for business, as a student, or as a family.

Fibio’s mobile subscriptions offer for 2023 is quite aggressive. You can save 50% off your first 5 months, with 5G included, cancel at any time, and even pause your subscription for 6 months at any time. When you add up your savings, it can be between 1000kr – 2000kr a year, which is significant for a mobile subscription (up to 20%).

All these benefits make Fibio worth a shot as your primary operator for 2023.

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