Get 10000 SAS EuroBonus Points With Hedvig Insurance

Get 10.000 EuroBonus Points With Hedvig (Before September 20th)

Great news for point lovers. A new campaign lets you earn extra SAS EuroBonus points with Hedvig insurances. Members earn 5000 EuroBonus Extra points as a welcome bonus when buying one or more insurances with a total premium of at least SEK 200 per month.

In addition to the welcome bonus, you get a monthly bonus each month you pay the invoice. In total, you can score up to 10.000 EuroBonus points.

The promotion is only valid for new customers or people who haven’t been customers for the last twenty-four (24) months before taking out a policy. It’s also not possible to combine the SAS Eurobonus offer with other discount codes at Hedvig (with the exception of Hedvig Forever).

What is Hedvig?

Hedvig is a digital insurance startup based in Sweden that has been in business since 2018. Hedvig AB is registered as an insurance broker with the Financial Supervisory Authority and brokers insurance on the Swedish market on behalf of Hedvig Försäkring AB and Eir Försäkring AB.

Key highlights about Hedvig

  1. Digital-First Approach: Hedvig offers a digital-first experience for insurance, allowing customers to buy insurance, make claims, and manage their policies, all through a mobile app or online interface.
  2. Type of Insurance: Initially, Hedvig began with home insurance but it expanded its offerings with over 10 different policies as of 2023
  3. Business Model: One of the unique propositions of Hedvig’s model is its transparency. They take a fixed fee from the premiums to cover their costs; the rest covers claims. Money that isn’t used for claims is donated to charitable causes.
  4. Claims Processing: Hedvig has a fast claims process, often leveraging technologies like chatbots to streamline claims and provide quick responses.
  5. Mission and Values: The company emphasizes transparency, simplicity, and a user-centric approach. They aim to make insurance more straightforward and fairer for consumers.

How To Get 10.000 SAS EuroBonus Points With Hedvig

  1. Take out insurance. Take advantage of the offer by taking out insurance with Hedvig at the top of this page.
  2. Register your EuroBonus number. Enter your member number on the thank you page after purchase or in the Hedvig app.
  3. Get the points. Your points are paid three months after your first policy has been activated, then monthly.
Earn extra EuroBonus points with Hedvig insurances.


SAS EuroBonus members earn one hundred (100) EuroBonus Extra points in monthly bonus (per calendar month) per active policy taken out via Hedvig’s website or app. SAS members can earn a maximum of four hundred (400) EuroBonus Extra Points monthly. This applies only to new Hedvig customers who have not had active insurance in the last twenty-four (24) months, and the insurance(s) must have a total premium of at least SEK 200 per month.

The welcome bonus and the earned monthly extra points are paid to the SAS EuroBonus member’s account three (3) months after the first insurance is activated. After the first three months, the monthly bonus is paid out after each calendar month.

There’s no commitment period. Your insurance can be canceled at any time. If you choose to cancel an insurance policy, you keep your paid EuroBonus points.

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