SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Changes 2023

EuroBonus ALERT: MAJOR Changes In The SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard (Feb 1, 2023)

SEB is changing the rules on the SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard (in Sweden at least). They just sent out and email announcing changes in both the annual pricing and EuroBonus status points.

As of February 1, Due to higher costs for running bonus programs, we have chosen to regulate the annual prices in order to keep the benefits in the card. At the same time, the calculation of the Status Points on the card changes.

Since February 1, 2023, there will be changes to both the SAS EuroBonus Mastercard and Mastercard Premium. SEB claims it is due to the higher costs associated with running bonus programs. Instead of cutting down the benefits, they have chosen to adjust the annual prices while keeping the benefits in the card.

However, they also decided to change the calculation of the Status Points on the card, which is what most people use to rack up points towards SAS EuroBonus Gold status.

This changes many of the items in my 1 Million EuroBonus Points Strategy Guide, so I will make and updated version and publish it soon, stay tuned!

SAS Eurobonus World Mastercard Lineup (2023)
SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Lineup: World and Premium

Changes in the SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard from 2023

1. The card will be more expensive

The price of the card is increased by SEK 30 per month. This means that the annual price is raised from SEK 1,495 to SEK 1,855. At the same time, the annual price for PointEarner changes from SEK 95 to SEK 295. The new annual prices will be charged the next time you pay for the card.

2. Status points are calculated based on what you spend (not fixed anymore)

Before 2023, you would earn a fixed amount of 1000 status points per month, regardless of how much you spend with the card.

Since 2023, status points will be calculated as 25% of the month’s earned Extra points you earn from the card. Example If you earn 4800 Extra Points in May, you will receive 1200 Status Points for this month. You can therefore influence the earning of Status points yourself via the card. As an introduction, you will receive 50% of the month’s earned Extra Points, between February and April 2023.

Is this change good or bad?

It can be both bad and good. Long story short: it is good for the ones who spend more with the card (because you can reach status higher), but it is also bad for the ones who don’t.

Starting in 2023, to reach 1000 status points (same as today), you will need to make 4000 Extra Points. At the current rates (15 points per 100 kr), that means you will need to spend roughly 27.000 SEK per month on the card.

The good part is that if you spend more, then you will also be rewarded more and reach status higher. For example, if you spend 54.000 SEK in one month, then you will get 2000 status points, rather than the

You can use this card along with the SAS Amex Elite to reach SAS EuroBonus Gold faster (just from your purchases).

3. Benefits that will remain the same

  • Fly Premium
  • Status points when you use the card
  • Up to 25 Extra Points per SEK 100 on all purchases
  • Points campaigns several times a year
  • More points when you book a rental car with Avis and pay with the card
  • Supplementary travel insurance with cancellation protection

Wrap up

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or via Instagram. I’m preparing a new 1 Million EuroBonus Points Strategy Guide for 2023, which includes all the updated tips and tricks

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