Curve Removes Fees And Increases Limits Throughout The Summer Season (2022)

Curve removes fees during summer 2022. I just got an email update announcing the fee removal for weekend foreign exchange transactions, as well as increasing daily and monthly limits. These are good news just in time for the summer season, and in conjunction with their recent T&C updates, that got many users unhappy.

Read the full email below

Curve Removes Fees During Summer 2022
Curve announced no fees for the entire summer 2022

Curve Removes Fees and increases Limits (2022)

Here’s the full email:

Don’t fly without your Curve card this summer, German – we’re scrapping weekend foreign exchange fees from 1 June to 31 August 2022.

So you can spend abroad with any of your cards and never get charged a fee. Yep, even your credit card! So you can use your credit card on holiday and rack up rewards points while you’re there!


Like Monzo, we use the Mastercard exchange rate and don’t add any markups. So you’re always getting a fair deal. But with Curve, you get that exchange rate across all your cards. So even if your bank or credit card offers a lousy exchange rate or nasty fees – you can bypass it with Curve.


We’re doubling our fee-free allowance on Curve Standard for purchases in foreign currencies. It’s going from £500 /month to £1000/month. And remember, you can also withdraw up to £200/month in cash abroad too – fee-free. That goes up to £400 when you upgrade to Curve Black and £600 when you upgrade to Curve Metal.


With travel insurance, greater fee-free limits, airport lounge access, car collision waiver insurance and unlimited cashback, Curve Metal often pays for itself – and then some. Here’s what you get for £14.99/ month.

– Travel insurance (up to £5000 for delayed/cancelled flights and up to £750 for lost/stolen baggage)

– Discounted access to luxury airport lounges around the world (£20 for complimentary pre-flight drinks and snacks? Yes please!)

– Car-collision waiver insurance (super-useful if you regularly rent a car abroad)

– 1% unlimited cashback at 6 retailers of your choice

– Phone insurance up to £1500

– Ticket cancellation insurance up to £150/year

– Extended warranty insurance

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