Curve terms updates May (no more free delivery)

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Just got this email from Curve with new terms and conditions right before the summer season. The highlights:

  • Delivery is no longer free (now it is £5)
  • New limits on currency conversion
  • Some updates on Curve Cash and Rewards

Here’s the full email

Hi Germán

We’re making some changes to our terms of service, fee schedule and privacy policy. Here’s a breakdown of these changes below.

Fee-free currency conversion limits
We are increasing our fee-free currency conversion limit for purchases made Mon-Fri by our Curve Standard customers from £500 per rolling 30-day period, to £1,000. You’ll hear more about this in the coming days.

FX rates
We have made a few clarificatory changes about our fx rates and added a link to our rate provider’s currency conversion calculator to make things even easier for you.

Delivery fee
We have corrected our Curve Standard delivery fee – this is now £4.99 (rather than £5).

Curve Rewards and Curve Cash
We’ve made it easier for you to understand our Curve Rewards and Curve Cash programmes by moving the detailed terms into our new Curve Rewards and Curve Cash Scheme Terms, which you can find on our website. Don’t worry, nothing’s changed – it just means all of the existing information is now in one place. You should refer to these terms when taking part in any offers.

Privacy Policy

Group data sharing
We’re making our data sharing practices clearer by clarifying that we share personal data within the Curve group of companies in order to provide you with the best services.

Email address update
We’ve updated the email address you can use to submit a data subject request. It’s now [email protected].

International data transfer mechanism
We’ve updated the international data transfer section of our policy to include reference to our compliance with the UK’s new data transfer mechanism.

Credit Kudos migration
We are ceasing to use a third party credit reference agency, Credit Kudos. We’ve removed reference to their services, and we will officially stop sharing data with them on 16th June.

Open banking partners
There are certain Software as a Solution service providers who, upon your request, we will share your data with, so we have added this to the list of open banking partners. Don’t worry, you have to consent to, and enable certain features, before this sharing takes place.

When will these changes come into effect?

The changes outlaid will apply with immediate effect. If you’re unhappy with the changes we’ve made, and wish to close your account, please get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

You can save a copy of our new Terms of Service by clicking here, and Privacy Policy by clicking here. You have received this email as you are a Curve customer, regardless of whether you’re opted in to marketing.

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