Curve Cancels Curve Rewards

Curve CANCELS Curve Rewards (Starting March 9th)

Curve just announced the cancellation of the Curve Rewards program on March 9th, 2023. It seems that they have tried hard but didn’t get the results they expected.

My experience was decent, but it is true that you had to way 20, 30, and even more than 45 days for the rewards transactions to process. I still have some pending rewards that were never posted to my account (for about £42), all for

Curve Cancels Curve Rewards in 2023
My pending Curve Rewards

The Curve Rewards tab will go away in the app:

The Curve rewards tab will go away
The Curve Rewards tab will go away

Curve cancels Curve rewards: What we know

  • The Curve Rewards program will be stopped on March 9th, 2023.
  • The Curve Rewards tab will disappear from the Curve app.
  • Pending rewards and tracked cashback will be cleared even after March 9th.
  • Curve Black and Curve Metal users will still get 1% cashback at selected retailers.
  • There’s no announcement about any new concrete rewards program that replaces the current one.

Curve Rewards Cancellation Announcement


We want to give you a heads up regarding a change which may impact how you use Curve.

Last year, we launched Curve Rewards in Europe to make spending with Curve more rewarding. But the experience has not lived up to the standards you expect and deserve from us. So we’ve decided to wind down the Curve Rewards programme in the EEA by March 9th 2023.

We will keep working on new and improved rewards programmes which we hope will have a bigger impact and better user experience.

From March 9th, many of you will notice that the Rewards tab will no longer be available. Customers who have rewards pending will still receive their tracked cashback and will also still have access to the Rewards tab. Once this is no longer applicable, access to the Curve Rewards tab will be restricted.

If you are on Curve Black or Metal, you’ll still be able to enjoy our 1% Cashback at selected retailers.

Our goal is to launch an unbeatable rewards program in the future, and we’ll keep you updated on any upcoming plans.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any queries regarding these changes.

Team Curve

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