Apple Pay for Visa in Europe at no extra cost [2023 Guide]

Long-story short:
In this guide, I teach you how to get Apple Pay for Visa debit card at no extra cost. You can also get €6 for FREE after your first 3 transactions for trying this out.


I gave up on my Visa card, as they will stop reimbursing Spotify and Netflix in 2023. Want a better alternative? Try Plutus. You can get free Spotify, Netflix, or the service you want, plus 3% cashback on your purchases. You also get €10 when signing up using my link.

Get Apple Pay for the visa card with this trick. visa card doesn’t support Apple Pay

The Visa Debit Card has no native option (in Europe) to work with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay natively, and this is officially stated on their website: website says that the visa card does not support apple pay or google pay

BUT… there is a workaround.

Curve can connect to Visa and enable Apple Pay

The solution is to get the Curve (The Curve App/Card), which is not a credit card, it is just a card aggregator, and it’s free. Read more about Curve in this post. In short: Curve works as a digital wallet, but with the exception that you also get a physical card, and it has several other great features such as cashback and go-back-in-time.

It lets you connect almost every other Visa and MasterCard to it, and then just use Curve for payments. Then, the transactions are forwarded to the right active card (which you choose from the app). It is like a credit-card firewall, which is also great for security. Since they also pass along the merchant code, you get points or cashback on all your purchases, as if you’d have done it with the original card.

The amazing part is that Curve works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay!

Apple Pay for Visa Step-by-step

  1. Grab the card you want to make compatible with Apple Pay
  2. Get Curve (free). Use my link to get €6 FOR FREE after your first transaction.
  3. Once you receive the physical Curve card, activate it.
  4. Connect your card to Curve
    1. Open the app.
    2. Go to your Wallet and scroll to the right. Click on (+) Add a New Card
    3. Scan your card with the camera, or fill in the manual details.
    4. Validate the card (either with a small transaction in your statement or digital ID).
  5. Add the Curve card to Apple Pay
    1. Go to your Apple Wallet on your phone.
    2. Click on the (+) icon on the top right, to add a new card
    3. Follow the instructions by either scanning the Curve physical card or entering the numbers manually.
    4. Wait for the confirmation that says “Mastercard Curve Card” is ready for Apple Pay.
    5. Repeat these steps if you want to add more cards.
  6. Set the Visa card as active on the Curve app
    1. Open the Curve App
    2. Go to your Wallet (center icon on the top bottom bar)
    3. Scroll until you see the Visa card you added
    4. Tap on the card icon, “tap to select & pay”. The card will become active and will have the curve logo overlaid.

Now you are all set! You can have Apple Pay for your visa card! Have fun spending with your Curve card through Apple Pay. I find it very convenient, so that I can go out just with my phone and have all my cards (or worst case, just carry my physical Curve card with me).

Read more about Curve here. Get €6 FOR FREE after your first transaction when you sign-up for the card using my link after your first transaction.

Read more about the Visa card here. You can get $25 USD bonus with my referral link if you want to test it out.

See you next time!

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  1. While this does seem to work, you forgot to mention that Curve charges a 1,5% fee on every transaction that uses an underlying creditcard

    1. Hi Theo,

      Thanks for your message. It shouldn’t charge any fee unless you are using Curve’s currency exchange.

      E.g. if you buy something in EUR, and the underlying credit card is in EUR, then there’s no fees! You should get charged the exact same amount.

      However, if your underlying credit card is in another currency (like SEK or USD), Curve will try to convert it from EUR to that currency and charge 1.5%

      A trick: you can get avoid this fee if you set up your Curve card in the same currency you are buying. Then, there will be NO fees charged by Curve, and the currency exchange will be done by your card.

      E.g. Open your Curve app and select your underlying credit card, then select "Change Card Currency" to the same currency you are trying to buy (if you buy something in EUR, set it to EUR). Done!

      Hope that helps.

      1. Then I guess I’m confused by this bit on their website:

        Curve Fronted empowers you to pay with your Curve debit card by using an underlying credit card in situations where the merchant wouldn’t normally accept credit cards.

        The 1.5% service fee helps us cover the costs of those transactions so you can take advantage of this feature and keep your spending records in one place. The fee is charged instantly – the total sum along with the fee will be displayed in the ‘Wallet’ tab under the same transaction.

        But you’re saying that if I use this method and pay with Apple Pay (with as an underlying card) at my local supermarket, I won’t be charged any fee?

        1. That is a separate feature called "Curve Frontend". You have to turn it on separately. That’s only to pay in places that do not accept credit card, only debit card.

          Most supermarkets take credit cards normally and you won’t get charged any fees. I always buy at my local supermarket as well as hundred other shops and never get charged that 1.5% fee 😉

          1. Thanks for the clarification (and the quick response, you respond quicker than Curve does 🙂 I just tried to do a transaction at the supermarket but it declined my Apple Pay. Perhaps I’m overlooking something

  2. Yo

    How can i get this one free and it says that there is monthly payment 9.99€

    Also curve did say it is not combitable whit ApplePay?

    Thank ya

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