Visa Ryby Steel Card Visa Adds Foreign Transaction Fees (More Reasons To Leave)


I gave up on my Visa card, as they recently announced to stop reimbursing Spotify and Netflix in 2023. Want a better option? Try Plutus. You can get free Spotify or free Netflix without staking money, and get 3% back on your purchases. Read my post here.

I was so into the Visa card during 2020 and 2021. I’ve used it intensely to get free Spotify and Netflix and great cashback on my purchases. However, the card has gotten much worse in 2022, adding extra fees and removing most of the benefits it had.

Next month will be my last Spotify refund on my Visa card, as they stop reimbursing that merchant in 2023. Now, they just announced that they will add foreign transaction fees on all non-EUR and GBP purchases and ATM withdrawals for Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo, and Jade Green Crypto.‌com Visa Cardholders. Starting December 19th, 2022.

Personally, I’ve been quite happy trying Revolut. They have a solid debit card offering, they support cryptocurrencies, and they recently received an official baking license in 20+ European countries, with a deposit guarantee. Read more about Revolut Bank here (Get €10). Visa new Foreign Transaction Fees visa card adds foreign transaction fees (December 2022)
New foreign transaction fees on the Visa card since December 2022

The entire community is getting really upset about the company and recent changes, and it is no surprise that many of us will most likely terminate our accounts (or stop using them completely).

It was good while it lasted, but yet again, it is time to say goodbye.

Here’s the official statement from

Dear Valued Customer,

The Crypto.‌com Visa Card has grown to be the world’s most popular crypto-linked card that is available in 60 countries. We have made these changes to ensure the long-term sustainability of our growing card program and its attractive perks, including up to 5% back on spending on select cards.

Starting on 19 Dec 2022, we will be introducing foreign transaction fees on all non-EUR and GBP purchases and ATM withdrawals for Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo and Jade Green Crypto.‌com Visa Cardholders

Private members holding an Obsidian, Icy White, or Frosted Rose Gold card will continue to enjoy zero foreign transaction fees. Find out more about Private membership here.

You can view the Crypto.‌com Visa Card Terms and Conditions here and all fees for the Crypto.‌com Visa Card here.

If you do not wish to accept the foreign transaction fees, you may request the termination of your Crypto.‌com Visa Card at no cost by notifying us prior to 19 Dec 2022. Otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted the foreign transaction fees by continuing to use your Crypto.‌com Visa Card.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at contact@crypto.‌com. We’re here to help.

Thank you for supporting Crypto.‌com!

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