Black Friday offers: CDON, Zalando, Footlocker, Amazon, IKEA and more! is launching offers for Black Friday, where you can get up to 15% cash back by purchasing gift cards of popular shops, not only in Sweden but also internationally (works in 37 countries).

There are different level of cash back.

  • Medium cash back (“With CRO staking”): means that you have gotten a Ruby Steel or Indigo/Jade Visa Card, or had “deposited” any amount of CRO coins for some fixed term.

  • High cash back (“Pay with CRO and have an active 3-month staking of 10,000 CRO”): This means you are paying with CRO coins and also have deposited at least 10,000 coins for 3 months. This option is the most risky if the CRO value fluctuates, but it is also the most rewarding one.

Some of the offers this year are

To get the cash back, you need to buy gift card through the app, which is pretty straightforward.

Steps (pictures below)

  1. Go into the app

  2. Select the “Pay” button on the top right

  3. Choose “Gift cards”

  4. Select the top button or any of the “popular brands” icons

  5. Select your merchant and the amount you want to spend (e.g. 200 SEK, 300 SEK, etc)

  6. Click on Pay. Accept the terms, select the source in your wallet, and click review.

  7. Confirm, and that’s it! You’ll get a gift card right there you can use during checkout.


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