Earn Changes (February 2023) Earn Changes: Revised Rates and Token Selections (February 2023)

Today I got an email announcing new Earn changes starting immediately (February 3rd, 2023); very typical from that doesn’t give any notice at all of their changes. We’ve seen that before.

I left the platform a while back when they announced major changes without any notice, such as stopping the reimbursement of Spotify and Netflix. Instead, I switched to Plutus and Nexo.

Plutus Card 2022
Plutus Card

Get €10 after you deposit €20
Free Perk (Spotify or Netflix rebate)
3% to 8% cashback
Noncustodial wallet
Refer friends and get €10

Nexo Card 2022
Nexo Card

Get €20 after you deposit €100
2% cashback or 0.5% in BTC
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Borrow money at 0% interest
Refer friends and get $25 visa obsidian black Visa

Get $25 after you “stake” €350
1% or 2% cashback
Free Spotify or Netflix only for 6 months
Reward only in CRO
Refer friends and get $25 Earn Changes (February 2023)

Here is the full list of changes according to their email announcement this morning.

1. Removal of selected tokens

The following tokens will no longer be available on Crypto Earn: BAT, BCH, ENJ, LINK, LTC, MANA, PAXG, TAUD, TCAD, TGBP, TONIC, TUSD, UNI, XLM, XRP.

All fixed-term allocations for the tokens above will remain and continue to maturity. However, all flexible-term allocations with the aforementioned tokens will be terminated immediately and returned to your Crypto Wallet.

2. Revised Rewards rates for selected tokens

There are new rates for selected tokens, as detailed in the following table.

CRO StakeBelow US$4,000Below US$4,000Above US$4,000Above US$4,000Above US$4,000
TermsFlexible1 Month3 MonthsFlexible1 Month3 Months
New rates for Earn

*Tier 2 rates, which is 0.5x the full rewards rate, will apply for the next US$27,000 worth of allocations once your Tier 1 quota of US$3,000 is filled. Tier 3 rates, 0.3x the Tier 2 rates, will apply to subsequent fixed terms once Tier 1 and Tier 2 quotas (a total of up to US$30,000 worth of allocations) are filled. **This CRO stake differs from the CRO allocations in Crypto Earn. Please refer to this page for more details on how to stake your CRO for the Crypto‌.com Visa Card.

New Earn Changes: Rates Updates (February 2023)

The new rewards rates only apply to allocations placed on or after the effective date. The reward rates for allocations placed before 3 February, 06:00 UTC will remain unchanged. More details about Crypto Earn and the revised rewards rates are available here. Earn vs Nexo

When you compare the Earn rates against other platforms such as Nexo, they make absolutely no sense. asks you to stake CRO and freeze the asses for some time to get better earn rates.

Instead, Nexo has a more attractive approach. Just on their base tier (no staking or NEXO tokens), you get much better rates on BTC and ETCH. On top of that, if you also hold NEXO tokens (i.e. a percentage of your portfolio is in NEXO tokens), then the rates get better, plus you get an additional return in NEXO tokens.

Here’s a comparison of the earn rates between two Nexo Loyalty Tier: Base and Platinum.

BTC3%4%4% + 2% NEXO5% + 2% NEXO
ETH4%5%5% + 2% NEXO 6% + 2% NEXO
Nexo Earn rates

Here are the rest Nexo Earn rates for all the Nexo loyalty tiers, as of February 2023:


It is not the first time that has announced sudden changes in its terms, program, or platform, and that’s the key reason why I left. I see it as less-attractive compared to other alternatives such as Nexo and Plutus. Sure, is still more established and investing a lot of money in marketing and advertisement. They are trying hard to be a sustainable platform in the long-term game. However, I see they are doing that at the expense of their customer satisfaction.

With the new Earn changes for 2023, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on Nexo or Nexo Pro to get better rates and conditions on the same tokens.

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