Coop Mastercard Mer Review

Coop Mastercard Mer: Points That Work? (2024 Review)

The Coop Mastercard Mer is a credit card that offers a simple yet powerful reward system. With points on all your purchases, increased rewards as you spend more, good travel insurance, and over 200 useful and reliable partners, it offers a solid product that almost everyone loves.

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest food chains. Established in 1899, it operates over 800 stores across the country and is an online shop. In 2021, Coop’s turnover was €3.8 billion, with a team of more than 7,000 employees. With this market share, it is no surprise that Coop teamed up with EnterCard to offer a competitive and rewarding product.

Who is this card for? (TL;DR)

If you do your main groceries at Coop or want to experience a simple and flexible point system, this card makes perfect sense. The card is free for the first year, and you can get 10.000 bonus points worth 100kr. It offers a flexible point system that rewards you more as you increase your spending, up to 5 points per kronor.

Coop Mastercard Mer
Coop Mastercard Mer

10000 welcome bonus points (worth 100 SEK)
Bonus points on all purchases
Flexible point system
Point ladder! Get 5 points per kronor
Apple Pay and digital wallets
Travel insurance, and purchase protection

Effective interest for utilized credit of SEK 10.000 is 18.45%, repaid over one year.

Coop Mastercard Mer Review 2023

The Coop Mastercard Mer is a simple but powerful reward card that can be very fruitful for those who want to maximize their money without worrying too much. The card is a successful collaboration between Coop and EnterCard that has been in the market for at least a decade (ex-Coop MedMera). Some of its key benefits include bonus points on all your purchases, up to 55 days of interest-free credit, a rewarding point ladder, travel insurance, and more.

It is particularly useful for people who are already shopping for groceries at Coop (one of the largest food chains in Sweden). As the first year is free, I would advise trying it for one year and seeing how it turns out.

Coop Mastercard Mer (2023)

Coop Mastercard Mer Benefits

The Coop Mastercard card offers a good range of benefits, considering that the first year is free, and you get a 100kr welcome bonus. My favorite benefit is number 2, which makes the card very attractive for people who are concentrating their spending on this single card. Also, number 4 is pretty useful; you can convert Coop points to SAS EuroBonus points whenever you need them.

1. Bonus points on all purchases

With the Coop Mastercard Mer, you earn 0.5 points per kronor on everything you buy at other shops. Their website has a useful calculator to estimate, based on your spending on different categories, how many points you’ll get.

Coop Mastercard Mer Point Calculator (2023)

2. Point Ladder! Spend more and get more points

One of my favorite things about the Coop Mastercard Mer is their point ladder (a.k.a. poängtrappan): you get more rewards as you buy more at Coop.

For every thousand Swedish kroner you shop at Coop, you move up a step on the ladder and earn more points per kronor. The first thousand SEK gives you 0.5 points per kronor. The next thousand marks give 1 point per kronor. So it continues up to 5 points per kronor. Everything you shop for over SEK 5.000 per month earns 5 points per SEK.

Poängtrappan: is it any good?

Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • Spending 1.000 SEK per month on the card, you get 6000 points per year, which are about worth 60 SEK
  • Spending 2.000 SEK per month, you get 18000 points per year (6000 at 0.5 + 12000 at 1), which are worth 180 SEK

The following table provides more examples of how to calculate the points you get based on your spending

Monthly spendPoints calculationTotal Points Per YearValue
1000 SEK12000 * 0.5 point / kr600060 SEK
2000 SEK12000*0.5 + 12000*1 point/kr18000180 SEK
3000 SEK12000*0.5 + 12000*1 + 12000*242000420 SEK
4000 SEK12000*0.5 + 12000*1 + 12000*2 + 12000*378000780 SEK
5000 SEK12000*0.5 + 12000*1 + 12000*2 + 12000*3 + 12000*41260001260 SEK
10000 SEK12000*0.5 + 12000*1 + 12000*2 + 12000*3 + 12000*4 + 12000*51860001860 SEK
Coop point ladder (poängtrappan) – How much are Coop points worth? Po

3. Flexible point system: Use points in what you want

With the Coop Mastercard, you choose what you want to use your points for. You can choose between everything from vouchers for food and wonderful experiences to entertainment and shopping on selected and well-known partners.

As a member, you can use earned points by picking up value checks from Coop or on offers from one of Coop’s partners. Everything is collected in the Poängshop, which you can find on, in the Coop app, or in the Membership point in the store.

Coop Mastercard Partners (2023)
Coop Mastercard partners: exchange your points for vouchers and experiences

Some examples are:

  • 5% discount code online at Coop for 4000 points
  • 250 kr voucher at Hotell Premien for 25000 points
  • 5000 Nordic Choice points for 40000 points
  • 3GB of extra data at Hallon for 6750 points
  • 100 kr voucher at Adlibris for 9000 points
  • 1 regional trip with SJ for 33000 points
Coop Mastercard Mer: Choose where to use your points

4. Convert Coop points to SAS EuroBonus Points

One of the most interesting aspects of Coop’s program is that points are exchangeable for SAS EuroBonus points, both ways. Yes, you can transfer them back and forth to your EuroBonus account. This means you can either use your Coop points for trips or use your EuroBonus points for vouchers at Coop partners.

If you are a member of both SAS EuroBonus and Coop, you can switch your points between the different programs at the following rates:

  • Exchange EuroBonus points for Coop points: Your SAS EuroBonus points can become your next grocery bag, trip, or pleasure. Maximize your Coop points with an exchange rate of 2.5.
  • Exchange Coop points for EuroBonus points: Here, you can quickly and easily exchange your Coop points for Eurobonus points to get closer to your dream trip. The score can e.g. can be used on flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as in the SAS Eurobonus shop.

You can also climate-compensate your trips using Coop’s points.

Coop: climate compensate your flight using points
Climate-compensate your SAS flight using Coop’s points

4. Purchase Protection

Good purchase insurance with a price guarantee, all-risk insurance, and an extended warranty is included in the Coop Mastercard. You save money by not having to take out various additional insurance policies.

5. Travel Insurance

The Coop Mastercard gives you supplementary travel insurance with, among other things, cancellation protection and delay insurance for you, your family, and up to three fellow travelers when you pay for more than half of your trip with the card. 

The supplementary travel insurance also includes excess risk elimination for rental cars, both in Sweden and abroad. If damage occurs to your rental car during the trip, you can receive compensation of up to 20.000 SEK.

The supplementary travel insurance covers the following:

  • Cancellation protection.
  • Travel start protection for outward and return journeys.
  • Personal delay.
  • Grocery shopping at Coop in case of personal delay.
  • Missed connecting flight.
  • Baggage delay outside the home country.
  • Capital amount in the event of an accident.
  • Excess protection.
  • Car deductible elimination.
  • Unused activities during travel.

6. Collect points with your family

Apply for an extra card for a family member, and you can collect extra points on all purchases they make with the cards.

7. Apple Pay and digital wallets

Connect your Coop Mastercard to Apple pay or Samsung Pay and pay safely and easily. Read more about how to get started with your digital wallet here. When you add your Coop Mastercard to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, your membership is automatically linked. This happens the next day (not on weekends).

8. Earn more Coop points with exclusive offers

Coop has very attractive partnerships and promotions, compared to other credit cards, both for earning extra points or using the points at better rates. Their exclusive offers and promotions can be extremely lucrative, in particular, if you get welcome bonuses and offers from services.

Some of the examples I managed to see are:

  • C More: become a new customer and get 5000 points
  • Disney+: 15% discount and 15000 points for your yearly subscription
  • Fortum: Switch to Fortum and get 40000 welcome points and up to 30000 points per year
  • Hallon: Discount for 4 months, 5000 welcome points, plus 300 points per month with a new subscription

and many more!

Pricing and Details

Coop Mastercard Mer Terms
ANNUAL INTERESTfn 18.45% (2024-01-01), variable
EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE19.10% when paying by e-invoice
(23.28% with paper invoice)
CASH WITHDRAWAL FEE1.5% (minimum SEK 35)
CURRENCY EXCHANGE SURCHARGE1.75% on the exchange rate
Combine this card with Curve to avoid foreign transaction fees.

Calculation example: Effective interest 19.10% when paying with e-invoice. Calculated at an annual interest rate of 18.45%. The total amount will be SEK 21,911 with a utilized credit amount of SEK 20,000, provided that the credit is repaid in 12 months and 39 interest-free days have been used. The amount in the calculation example assumes that no cash withdrawals have been made.


The basic requirements to be granted a Coop Mastercard More are

  • Be a Coop member
  • Minimum age of 20 years old
  • More than SEK 125.000 in annual income
  • Have no payment notices or remarks
  • Have BankID or mobile BankID to sign the application

Coop Mastercard Mer: Is It Worth it?

Coop is the second largest food retailer in Sweden, with over 800 stores and 7000 employees. Their supermarkets are everywhere, and with online shopping and deliveries, it has become easier than ever to be a Coop member and client.

In addition, Coop has partnered with over 200 brands, providing exclusive offers, attractive deals, and discounts. They have built a solid, straightforward reward system that actually works and is not a gimmick. Customers don’t have to think too much to get a good benefit. Compared to ICA Stammis, Coop has advantages such as a better point ladder and cooperation with SAS to convert to Eurobonus points when needed.

Overall, the Coop Mastercard is an excellent product, particularly for people who have already bought at Coop. Getting the card for free for the first year is a good way to try it out and polish the strategy as you go. The Coop Mastercard Mer is a great alternative to the American Express cards, which have a similar point system but can be very expensive to maintain.

On the downside, it is not the best card if you want to use interest-free installments (like with the Resurs Gold or Marginalen Traveller). It is also not the best card for financing big purchases such as home renovations, boats, etc. If that’s your use case, I would look somewhere else.

The brightest thing about this card is that it is both cheap to maintain and is targeted to a vast audience. Anyone using it will definitely get rewards back in a helpful way, even if that’s just a train ride or a movie ticket.

If you have any experience or thoughts, feel free to share them below in the comments or reach out to me via Instagram!

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