Comviq Review (2023)

Comviq Review: Cheap Phones And Reliable Service With 5G (2023)

Comviq is the operator I’ve been using since I arrived in Sweden in 2013. I have tried switching to many other operators many times but keep coming back to Comviq, so I wrote this post to tell you why and share my experience.

When looking for a mobile phone subscription, it’s important to look at the following things: the devices you can get, the binding times, the features of the packages, reliability and coverage, and of course, the prices.

For me, Comviq offers a complete and very solution on every front: great prices on the phone, reliable service, and cheap subscriptions, so why should I get something else?

Ongoing Offer

Comviq is launching the Google Pixel 7a for only SEK 269 a month (10 GB Surf and Pixel Buds A-series included). The offer is valid from May 15 to May 31.

You can also get a 75% discount for the first 3 months.

Comviq Review 2023: What You Need To Know

What is Comviq?

Comviq is a Swedish mobile phone service brand owned by Tele2, one of the major telecommunications operators in the Nordic and Baltic region. Comviq was established in 1981 and was Sweden’s first mobile phone operator to offer prepaid services.

As of 2023, Comviq offers more services, including postpaid mobile plans and mobile broadband. They are well known for their affordable plans and their reputation for providing good customer service.

Comviq Logo

Comviq Advantages (What I love)

  1. Save a ton of money on phones. Compared to buying from the official Apple Store, you save between 5000kr and 8000kr on iPhones. On Samsung and Google phones, you save between 3000kr and 7000kr. Even after a 24-month binding time, you save a ton compared to buying the device and paying in full. I’ve consistently gotten a new iPhone every two years since the iPhone 5s.
  2. Their prepaid plans are simply the best, which makes it the perfect choice for friends and family visiting Sweden for a few days or short term. Get a SIM card from any kiosk on the street (Pressbyrån, 7Elevent, OKQ8), or even online, charge it with 50kr (Amigos), and done!
  3. Customer support via chat. Since day one, I have never had to call customer service for anything. You just go online and initiate a conversation. In under 2 minutes you are talking with an agent.
  4. Pause your subscription. If you are traveling abroad and you are not going to use the number for a few months, you can pause your subscription and resume it later, even on long-term binding plans.
  5. Hide from Hitta and Ratsit. Comviq allows you to add extra privacy and remove your phone number from public databases such as and

What Comviq Offers

1. Subscriptions (Mobilabonnemag)

Comviq subscription packages have been very competitive when it comes to the amount of data included and price. They run double-surf campaigns on an ongoing basis, and you can usually access them retroactively if you already become a customer.

As of 2022, they have 5G included in their larger packages.

  1. 100GB per month. 5G included, free calls and SMS, 1000 international minutes, and data rollover. No binding time.
  2. 30GB per month. 5G included, free calls and SMS, 250 international minutes, and data rollover. No binding time.
  3. 15GB per month. Free calls and SMS, 100 international minutes, and data rollover. No binding time.
  4. 8GB per month. Free calls and SMS, 50 international minutes, and data rollover. No binding time.
  5. 4GB per month. Free calls and SMS. No binding time.
Comviq Mobile Subscriptions (Abonnemang)
Discounts for Students and Seniors

Their discounts for students and seniors are aggressive. Typically you can get half the price as a student and even double surf through Mecenat.

Family Plans

Comviq also offers an attractive family package. You can get a main subscription (275 SEK/month) and invite friends and family as members for just 145 SEK/month extra. Everyone gets 30 GB of surf each.

Comviq Family Plan (2023)

2. Mobile Phones

Where Comviq really excels is in their device prices. Their offers are hard to beat, considering that you can save anywhere between 3000 SEK and 8000 SEK on the device itself when staying with the company for 24 months.

Sure, the offers don’t work for short stays in Sweden, but if you have the chance, consider going for one of their long-term contracts, you can save a ton of money, especially on high-end phones like the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23, or Google Pixel 7a.

Comviq Mobile Phone Deals (2023)

3. Prepaid Cash Card (Kontantkort)

Their prepaid options are diverse, depending on what you need. They specialize in pre-paid plans, so it makes sense that over the years, they have developed their offering to attract all sorts of different use cases and customers (usually left over from and ignored by other companies)

On top of the Fastrips (fixed price) and Fastpris mini (fixed price mini) subscriptions, they also offer:

  • Amigos: These plans offer reduced rates for international calls, making them a good choice for people who frequently call abroad.
  • Amigos Hello: Fixed price to the Middle East, North Africa, and the EU/EEA.
  • Surf: These are data-only plans for devices like tablets or for users who only need internet access and don’t require call or text services.
Comviq Kontantkort

4. Broadband (bredband)

A few years back, Comviq started offering fiber broadband in addition to their mobile broadband via 4G. With broadband from Comviq, you get a stable, fast, and secure connection. Surf unlimited and stream movies, series, and entertainment. 

  • Mobile broadband (299 SEK/month): Unlimited surfing, bring broadband anywhere, and router included (worth 1290kr)
  • Fiber broadband (fr. 305 SEK/month): Up to 500Mbit, any start date, no binding time.

Surf guarantee. If you have a mobile subscription with Comviq and your fiber broadband service is in trouble, you get 50 GB extra surf in your mobile to stay connected.

Comviq Broadband (2023)

5. Smart Watch

With Comviq, you can get an Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch with an eSIM for the watch that lets you stay connected without the mobile phone.

Comviq Smart Watches (2023)

What problems did I experience with Comviq?

In 10 years as a user, this is the complete list of problems I’ve ever had with them.

  • Two times I got no network when using data roaming within the EU (in Spain and Portugal). All other times coverage was excellent.
  • Once I was abroad in Switzerland and had data roaming on while connecting at the airport. I used internet for 15 minutes and then got charged an extra 400kr for roaming charges. I didn’t have a limit set up on my bill by default; THIS IS IMPORTANT TO SET UP if you get a Comviq subscription.
  • Once my bill stopped coming for a few months. When I contacted them, they started charging the entire amount owed in the following months. I talked to them, and they made an easier “repayment plan” because it was my mistake.
  • Once I logged in and they lost all my invoice history, they fixed it a month later.
  • Prepaid lines stop working after 30 days if you don’t recharge more money on them. Yes, even for receiving texts and calls. The phone number will be kept for 13 months, so you won’t lose your phone number, but it won’t work, and you won’t be able to take calls or send text messages. This can be a downside for people who just need a number to get contacted occasionally.

Comviq Alternatives I Tried

Here I briefly list some of the other operators I tried when looking for a Comviq alternative and why they didn’t work.

  • Hallon and Vimla: With my partner, we tested these as students paying only 49kr per month. It
  • Tre (3): service is reliable, but have longer binding times for the same prices as Comviq.
  • Tele2: service is great, they are Comviq’s parent company, but they have more expensive phones and subscriptions for normal use. We use Tele2 for our company plans, great prices there.
  • Telia: I had them at my previous job. Their offering and systems feel old and 10 years behind. Their reliability is great, though, and works excellently abroad. It’s expensive.

Conclusion: Is Comviq Good?

Comviq remains one of Sweden’s best mobile phone operators in 2023, plain and simple. They are the best pre-paid operator, and for post-paid subscriptions, their service is excellent and reliable. If you combine that, with the best device prices and offers, it makes the combo hard to beat.

Don’t get me wrong, all other operators have good deals here and there, and they will do the job. I’ve tried them, and they work. But if what you are after is a reliable and stress-free service without an expensive subscription and the chance of saving money on your next iPhone or Samsung, then Comviq is your choice. For students is a no-brainer, given that you get to surf in the EU/EEA just like home.

As usual, feel free to drop your comments below or reach out to me via email or Instagram if you have questions!

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