Comviq Google Pixel 7a Promo (May 2023)

New Comviq Google Pixel 7a PROMO: Free Pixel Buds (Until May 31st)

Comviq is launching a great promotion on the new Google Pixel 7a: buy Pixel 7a and get Pixel Buds A-series for free! This new Comviq Google Pixel 7a promo runs from May 15th until May 31st for 269 SEK per month (10 GB Surf).

Comviq Google Pixel 7a Promo (May 2023)

The Pixel 7a is the latest addition to the Google Pixel family. With the help of the Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 chip, you get a really powerful, efficient, and secure mobile. You can shoot with dual cameras of up to 64 MP that capture the details both up close and far away. The advanced image processor also ensures you get fantastic pictures regardless of the light. Google Pixel 7a is designed to perform—all day.

Comviq Google Pixel 7a Promo (May 2023)

Comviq Google Pixel Packages

Packages range from 269 SEK to 477 SEK per month, depending on the amount of surf and the binding time you choose. Here are the complete options.

With all these options, you get the Pixel Buds A-series included for free.

Surf24-months contrat36-month contract
10GB297 kr269 kr
15GB327 kr299 kr
30GB (5G)377 kr349 kr
100GB (5G)477 kr449 kr
All pricing options for Comviq Google Pixel 7a

What is Google Pixel?

Google Pixel are high-end mobile phones manufactured and developed by Google. With a Google phone, you get great cameras and a stylish design. The Pixel phones use Google’s own Android operating system. Thanks to regular software updates, Google Pixel phones are also very secure, they have good battery life, fast performance, and they are well integrated with Google’s ecosystem.

All Google Pixel options

Comviq Google Pixel Options

Google Pixel 7 in Sweden – Key Features

  • Powerful and safe. With the help of the Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 chip, you get a powerful, efficient, and secure mobile. The smart battery gives you extra long battery life. With the battery-saving mode, you can use the mobile phone for up to three days before charging it.
  • Great pictures. The Pixel 7a has dual cameras on the back of up to 64MP. The advanced image processor ensures you get fantastic images regardless of the light and the possibility of blurring the background. Did you catch something that shouldn’t be in the picture? No problem; you can easily edit out disturbing elements afterward.
  • Connected home. Use the Google Home app on your mobile to control lights, locks, and other things without being at home yourself. If you have lost your other Pixel devices, you can easily search for them by playing a sound from the mobile.
  • Synced with Google. Pair all your devices so that photos, links, and more are easily shared. Haven’t you tried the Google Pixel before? With just a few keystrokes, you quickly transfer your contacts, messages, photos, and apps to your new mobile.

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