How to offset carbon footprint as a business with two clicks (Carbon Easy Review 2023)

Long story-short:

Carbon Easy is one of the simplest ways for businesses to offset carbon footprint. You can become certified as a green partner by simply selecting your business type, size, and paying a monthly subscription that gets pooled to maximize the impact.


Carbon Easy: How to offset carbon footprint in 2023

As a small or medium business, it is hard to catch up with everything on your table. I get it, whether it is customers, content creation, marketing plan, or strategy meetings, there’s always something on top of the agenda that makes carbon offsetting a low-priority item.

Minimizing carbon emissions should always be a #1 priority, but no matter how many green practices you implement, producing at least some amount of carbon is practically impossible. This is especially true if you run an online or digital business where most of the carbon emissions are hidden, so it’s easy to overlook at them.

Luckily, Paying Green is bringing a new and simple solution to businesses of any size to easily offset emissions and become a green partner: Carbon Easy (subscription based).

Why should your business offset its carbon footprint?

  • Future! You don’t want to live (or your loved ones) in a f*cked-up world!
  • 90% of customers strongly support climate-conscious businesses.
  • Attract and retain employees. 70% rate an environmentally sustainable workplace as a key factor.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Positive climate action elevates trust and brand relevance.
  • Climate-smart businesses earn loyalty and admiration and grow their social license.
  • Climate-smart businesses are returning higher profits.

Why is Carbon Easy different?

  1. Maximum Environmental Benefit. All subscriptions are pooled and we smartly apply the funds to maximize the number of quality carbon offsets we can acquire. Using our associated not-for-profit charities makes us far more efficient than the commercial carbon offsetting market.
  2. No lock-in contract. Pay conveniently online with your business’ preferred credit card. Your membership subscription can be canceled at any time at no cost.
  3. Transparency. Your business is issued with a Carbon Offsetting Certificate stating how many metric tons of carbon emissions were offset by our community with the help of your subscription.
  4. Certainty. All carbon credits we buy are immediately retired and converted to carbon offsets, meaning they can never be traded again or speculated with.
  5. Governance. Our carbon offsetting model is overseen by an experienced Board of independent Directors at our associated no-for-profit charity, in accordance with our publicly available carbon offsetting policy.

How to join Carbon Easy?

  1. Go to Carbon Easy’s website.
  2. Select your business type
  3. Select the range of people in your business.
  4. That’s it! Pay a monthly subscription that will get pooled to maximize benefits. You can also reach out to them for other subscription options.

Businesses are becoming defined by their response to climate change.
Carbon Easy™ offers a powerful and convenient solution to be Climate Smart.


What comes with a Carbon Easy subscription?

Carbon Easy: How to offset carbon footprint


  1. Affordable. Designed to make it available to as many businesses as possible.
  2. Not-for-profit carbon offsetting. Cost-effectively reducing your footprint.
  3. Convenient. We do all the work for you.
  4. Gain social recognition. Deep engagement with your customers to benefit your business.
  5. Join a community of like-minded businesses doing the right thing. Together we can achieve more than we can on our own. Be recognized for your part, adding your voice to the voices of many.
  6. Keep learning. Stay on top of the global trends and organizations shaping the world’s agenda toward climate change.
  7. Don’t spend unnecessary money on climate consultants or buy carbon credits at inflated prices from intermediaries.
  8. Be a climate hero. The environment wins. Your business wins. You win.


  1. Membership Certificate – frame it!
  1. Carbon Offsetting Certificate – shows how many carbons offsets your subscription has contributed to the community.
  2. Membership Seal – a trusted badge to use in your marketing.
  3. Climate Connect™ registration – create your profile and attract customers and like-minded businesses.
  4. Climate Scout – Guides, education, inspiration, and more.
  5. Social tiles – themed to use in your digital marketing.
  6. Themed posters and pictures – increase your visibility by adding your logo.
  7. Carbon offset reports and stories. – detailing our progress and the projects we have supported helping you showcase what we have achieved with your help.
  8. ‘Talking Points’ – telling people why you are a Carbon Easy™ subscriber.
  9. Receive Member support.
  10. Manage your account – access your invoices, certificates, and more

Offset Carbon Footprint 101

In short, carbon offsetting allows you to compensate for the emissions that you produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases elsewhere. This is accomplished by financially supporting projects that reduce carbon dioxide either by capturing existing CO2 or preventing new emissions from happening.

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