Getaway Deals 2023 Getaway Deals 2023: Get 15% OFF Until September! Getaway Deals are now here! Starting today, you can get a 15% discount on bookings made from 15 Mar 23 until 28 Sept 23. You can also get a 20% discount on accommodation in Asia. These discounts can be combined with Genius discounts too!

To make sure the deal applies, you should see a green “Getaway Deal” indicator under the property, like in this case: Getaway Deals 2023
Look for the green “Getaway Deal” sign

Try a search (Sustainable Properties)

Example Getaway deals

I did a few searches to check the discounts and rates.

Stockholm in May: Getaway Deals 2023 in Stockholm

Phuket for 1 week, combined with Genius Discount Getaway Deals 2023 in Phuket combined with Genius

Note that this promotion is running in parallel still with other promotions like the Early Escape Deals, Secret Deal, and Limited-time deals (see images below) Getaway Deals 2023: Terms and Conditions

  • Stay dates: 4 Apr 23 – 28 Sept 23.
  • Stackability: Genius only.
  • Discount applies to participating properties indicated by the “Getaway Deal” badge on the search results and room selection pages.
  • Discount applies to the cost of the room only (excluding any additional fees or taxes).
  • If you make any changes to your booking, you may lose your discount and be liable for the full amount. 
  • Discounts cannot be used combined with any other promotion except Genius discounts. 
  • Room rates labeled “Partner Offer” are excluded from this promotion.
    This offer is provided by the participating property and is subject to availability.


If you are planning a trip between April and September, make sure to check these Getaway Deals from before making up your mind. They can occasionally be great money-savers, even more, combined with Genius discounts and credit back.

Remember also, you can try using ChatGPT to plan your hotel stays, asking non-conventional questions such as “what are the best neighborhoods to stay in London” or “what are some of the best hotels for a €400 budget in Phuket”.

Have fun and until next time! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram anytime.

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