Late Escape Deals Late Escape Deals (Get 15% OFF!) is launching a new promotion “Late Escape Deals” from October 1st until the end of the year, where you can get 15% off your accommodation when planning late escapes in 2022 up to January 3rd, 2023.

I got the email today and I was gladly surprised since I needed to book a long-term stay (3 weeks) down in Buenos Aires during October.

I did a quick search, and I saw many results already showing up with that 15% off rate: Late Escapes Deals in Buenos Aires Late Escape Deals 15% Off results for Buenos Aires, Argentina 15% discount

The promotional rates are 15% discount internationally (min), and 20% for bookings in Asia! Here’s what they write in their email:

There’s still plenty of travel left in 2022, and people are planning new holidays well into December. launches Late Escape Deals as a new promotion where travelers can book Late Escape Deals from 1 October 2022 for stay dates up to 3 January 2023.

Enjoy and have fun booking your next trips! Comment down the places where you are considering going.

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