Best 5G Operators in Sweden 2023

Best 5G Operators in Sweden (2023)

I’ve been a happy Comviq and Telia customer since 2013; however, with the rise of 5G, I decided to look into the best 5G operators in Sweden for 2023. Comviq didn’t offer small packages with 5G included (only 30GB+), so I wanted to step away and consider other alternatives.

Some of the criteria or things I used to judge the operators are the following. You may want to consider a few of those when evaluating which operator to use, especially when purchasing a new device or phone with your subscription.

  • Price: Are the subscription packages accessible? How do the prices compare to the features?
  • Binding time: Do they require to stay with the company for a long period of time or a full contract? Can you switch to another plan or operator whenever you want?
  • 5G Availability: Is 5G included in all the subscription packages or only in some of them?
  • Network coverage and reliability: What network are they relying on? Where do they have 5G deployed? Is it reliable abroad?
  • User ratings: What’s their rating on Trustpilot and other review networks?
  • Support of eSIM: Do they require a physical SIM? Is it easy to upgrade from nano-SIM to eSIM?
  • Offers and deals: Do they have offers for new customers? Do they have offers to retain existing customers? Is it cheaper to buy a phone/device through them?

Based on those aspects, here is the list of my favorite 5G operators in Sweden:

Tele2 Logo (2023)

5G Unlimited Packages
Running on their own network
Highly reliable
No binding time
Offer eSim
Second largest operator
Families, student, and senior discounts


Low prices on phones
5G only on larger packages (20GB+)
Running on Telia’s network
Works great abroad
No binding time (partial)
Student discounts
Double surf promotions

Comviq Logo

Ultra-low phone prices
5G only on larger packages (30GB+)
Running on Tele2’s network
Great for families
Great student discounts
Year-round promotions
Roll-over unused surf

1. Tele2

Tele2 is a communications giant. The company was founded in Sweden in 1993 and has since grown to become the second largest operator in both the private and corporate markets, after Telia.

Tele2’s network is super reliable and offers affordable mobile plans with unlimited data and 5G included. They recently acquired ComHem and provide fixed-line broadband services and TV packages.


Get double surf (30GB instead of 15GB), and discounts on mobile phones and devices.

Tele2 5G subscriptions (2023)
TEle2: One of the best 5G operators in Sweden in 2023

Tele2 Advantages

  • Excellent and very reliable network
  • Both fixed and unlimited 5G plans
  • Offers eSIMs
  • Discounts if you combine broadband and TV packages
  • Discounts for families, students, and seniors
  • Offer no binding time
  • Offer extra data cards to share your subscriptions on other devices (computers and tablets)
  • Free streaming packages included

2. Halebop

Halebop is a digital mobile operator relying on Telia’s network. For the 11th time in 13 years, Halebop had Sweden’s most satisfied mobile customers, according to the Swedish Quality Index 2020. But they also won the award in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

It’s a nice and reliable service, particularly for clients of larger packages which include 5G (20GB+). Telia’s network works great abroad (US and EU), so it might also be a great option for freelancers, small business owners, and startup employees.


Halebop subscription 5GB with 0 month commitment period of only SEK 39 per month for 3 months for new customers (thereafter SEK 189 per month)

Halebop (Best 5G Operators in Sweden 2023) - Bäst 5G Nät i Sverige
Halebop: one of the best 5G operators in Sweden

Halebop Advantages

  • Low prices on phones
    Running on Telia’s network
  • Keep unused surf (data rollover)
    5G, but only on larger packages (20GB+)
    No binding time for some of the packages
  • Student discounts
    Double surf promotions

3. Comviq

Comviq is a brand part of Tele2 Sverige AB. Today, Tele2 has 15 million customers in 10 countries. Tele2 is one of Europe’s fastest-growing telecom operators and always offers their customers what they need at a lower price. They started bundling 5G in 2022 on their 30GB+ packages.

I’ve been a happy Comviq customer from 2012-2022, and I must say that whenever I had a problem (two or three times during those years), they were quite proactive and efficient at fixing them. When I started my own company, then I switched to Tele2 as a company package.


Get the mobile phone for free, included in some of the packages (e.g. Samsung A04)

Comviq (Best 5G Operators in Sweden 2023) - Bäst 5G Nät i Sverige
Comviq: one of the best 5G operators in Sweden

Comviq Advantages

  • Ultra-low prices on mobile phones (save up to 5000 SEK on iPhones)
  • Part of Tele2’s network. Reliable, but could be better (Telia’s network is definitely better)
  • 5G is included but only on expensive/large packages, 30GB+
  • Data rollover to next month if you don’t use it
  • Quick and reliable customer service
  • Best for families

Best 5G Operators in Sweden 2023: Wrap up

5G is ramping up all over Sweden and some of the biggest operators jumped on that train early (Tele2, Telenor, Telia), investing in upgraded networks. However, from the consumer point of view, it took a while before the offer was attractive to customers: most of the packages were expensive or involved long binding times.

The scene is getting better in 2023, and some virtual operators are offering more competitive prices and attractive packages. Tele2 is definitely my go-to operator for this year, but both Halebop and Comviq are catching up with included 5G on their larger packages.

Let’s see how things evolve; I’ll make sure to keep updating this guide with the latest offers from the best 5G operators in Sweden. Enjoy!

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