Bank Norwegian Visa Pauses Card Referrals 2023

Bank Norwegian Visa PAUSES Card Referrals (fr. December 1st)

Bank Norwegian Visa pauses card referrals? One of the most loved benefits of the Bank Norwegian Visa card was that you could “refer a friend” (värva en vän) and get 200 cashpoints for free.

Plenty of people used this benefit to refer friends and family members to the product and get a few extra cashpoints to travel for free. 200 cashpoints are worth 200 SEK/NOK when you book a Norwegian ticket.

Since December 1st (today), Bank Norwegian is pausing their referral program, and they don’t mention if or when they will bring back the program.

I logged in to my account today, and seems that the tell a friend or värva en vän link is gone in the options:

Bank Norwegian Visa Pauses Card Referrals (December 1, 2022)

Bank Norwegian and Nordax (Bank Norwegian Visa Pauses Card Referrals)

A few months ago, they announced their transition to Nordax Bank in 2023, and this decision might be related to the transition. I hope that in a few months the program is back as it was very attractive to customers. More on Nordax here.

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