Bank Norwegian sends an update before summer 2022 (great reminder)

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Everyone is getting ready for their summer season, and that means most banks and credit cards usually send out an update either in terms and conditions, or reminders regarding card use abroad during vacation.

I have a Bank Norwegian Visa and it is one of my favorite free cards, one of the best in Sweden. I just received a friendly reminder about the benefits (free cash withdrawal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, earn cashpoints, etc.), status and rules.

Here’s the full email:

Summer is approaching, and we therefore want to share some useful tips that you can enjoy during the summer – regardless of whether you stay at home or go out and travel. We wish you a really nice summer.

Some of the benefits of your Bank Norwegian card:

Bank Norwegian visa card benefits

Choose the right currency when you are abroad

If you are going to travel this summer, there is one thing you should remember; always choose local currency. * If you are given the opportunity to choose a currency when withdrawing cash and paying abroad, we recommend that the transaction is carried out in the local currency. If you are in Spain, you should therefore choose euros and not Swedish kronor. You usually get a better exchange rate if the bank handles the exchange for you.

Free cash withdrawals abroad

Sometimes you need cash. Since Bank Norwegian does not charge any extra fees for cash withdrawals, you do not have to charge large amounts to go around with. You can then rather withdraw smaller amounts when you need it. Some ATMs, especially at airports, may charge a fee to the ATM owner. Therefore, always check if the ATM charges a fee.

Use the card at home and on holiday – earn CashPoints

Here you can read more about CashPoints earning when you use your Bank Norwegian card, regardless of whether you are at home or abroad.

Pay with your mobile – it’s both easier and faster

Add your card to Apple Pay and Google Pay .

Travel and cancellation insurance – included at no extra cost

If you pay more than 50% of the trip with your Bank Norwegian card, you have travel and cancellation insurance included at no extra cost. It covers cancellations, delays and lost luggage, among other things. Read more about the insurance here .

Deductible insurance for rental car – an extra security when you rent a car

This is a supplementary insurance that covers the deductible of up to SEK 20,000 in the event of damage to the rental car. Read more and order the deductible insurance here .

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