Bank Norwegian is cutting costs, new Visa cards are cheap!


While many other card issuers are moving towards more solid, durable, long-lasting cards like the metal American Express Platinum or Gold Card, Curve, N26, or Revolut, Bank Norwegian decided to cut some costs moving to new cheaper plastic cards.

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Compared to the old ones, the new cards’ design is plain red, skinny thin plastic, and the numbers are not embossed. The print quality is poor and you can tell that it is cheap. If you get this card, make sure you write down the numbers, because they will be erased in no time!

Another alternative, if you don’t want to destroy the card but you use it often, is to make your Norwegian Visa work with Apple Pay using Curve (read more here).

The older design was much sturdier and solid, felt good in your hand, and IMHO had design details that were much more elegant.

To my surprise, the card comes with many color-printed A4 papers about Norwegian Reward and what you can do with the points. I would have preferred to have the card sent with no paper at all (like many other banks do) since all this information can be found online, but to have better quality on the card itself.

Here’s how the card comes:

I still consider the Bank Norwegian Visa is one of the best FREE travel cards you can get in Sweden, and I wrote a quick guide about it here.

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