Split bills interest-free with Bank Norwegian Credit Card (Until 2024)

Split Bills Interest-Free With Bank Norwegian Credit Card (Until 2024)

Great news! Starting today, it’s possible to split bills interest-free with the Bank Norwegian Credit Card until February 28th, 2024. This is an excellent addition to the card’s features. While the Bank Norwegian Visa card is one of the best free credit cards on the market these days, it has a high annual interest rate if you want to split payments, compared to other cards such as Resurs Bank cards.

Now, the game has changed significantly. The possibility to split bills interest-free makes the Bank Norwegian credit card even a stronger asset in your wallet. Let’s look at the details!

Bank Norwegian Visa Card (2023) - Part of NOBA Group
Bank Norwegian visa

Earn CashPoints or cashback on purchases
No annual fee
Interest-free up to 45 days
Groceries and Travel Insurance
Up to SEK 150.000 in credit
Free cash withdrawals abroad
Dental protection (optional)

Effective interest for utilized credit of SEK 10.000 is 21.93%, repaid over one year.

How do you split bills with the Bank Norwegian credit card?

In practice, this means that you can spread the cost of your purchases over six months without it costing a single penny extra. At the same time, you can earn CashPoints or cashback on your purchases.

Advantages of paying with the Bank Norwegian card:

  • You can earn CashPoints or cashback.
  • Insurance included.
  • You can pay with your mobile phone and smartwatch

Tip: Transfer other credits to Bank Norwegian

If you have interest-bearing credit on another credit card, you can pay off the invoice with your Bank Norwegian card. That way, you avoid paying interest on the credit during the next six months.

You don’t need to do anything to activate the interest-free period. The interest-free period starts today and ends on February 28, 2024. From February 29, the interest starts to run as usual and to avoid interest costs, used credit must be repaid before February 28. 

During the interest-free period, you can choose to pay only the minimum amount of SEK 300 or 3% of the outstanding balance each month. This is only repayment of used credit – no interest.

Example n case of deferred payment: eff 21.93%, SEK 15,000 island/12 m. Tot: SEK 16,673

As usual, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you have any questions or feedback.

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