British Airways Executive Club is changing to Revenue-based Avios from October 18, 2023

British Airways Executive Club Changes To Revenue-Based Avios (From October 18th)

BA Executive Club decided to switch to revenue-based Avios, starting this October. In a major revamp of their loyalty program, British Airways Executive Club will be shifting from a distance-based Avios collection system to a price-based one, “significantly enhancing” the ways members can earn Avios, they claim.

Currently, British Airways’ Executive Club members accrue Avios based on the distance they fly. However, beginning 18th October, the scheme will pivot to award Avios based on the price of the ticket and any eligible add-ons that the members choose. This means that the base fare, carrier-imposed charges, chosen upgrades, additional seats, or bags will contribute to Avios earnings. Interestingly, these extras will still qualify for Avios even if they are purchased after the original booking.

British Airways will then multiply the total spend according to the membership tier of the Executive Club member, providing them with even more opportunities to amass Avios.

This price-based Avios collection system isn’t exclusive to British Airways. Iberia is also adopting it for flights they market. For more details about earning Avios with Iberia, readers are directed to

BA Executive Club is switching to Revenue-based Avios since October 2023

Revenue-based Avios: What’s Next?

Nothing to worry about. The changes will roll out automatically and won’t affect the current methods of spending Avios or collecting Tier Points. For those who might be concerned, all flights booked until 18th October will still earn Avios the same way as today, even if the travel date is beyond the 18th.

In sum, British Airways is evidently enthusiastic about these changes, and it hopes its loyal members will be too. This overhaul is expected to make the travel experience with British Airways and Iberia even more rewarding for their Executive Club members.

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