American Express Centurion Lounge Philadelphia (2023) - Entrance

American Express Centurion Lounge Philadelphia Review (2023)

I had a few hours while connecting from Boston, and before my next flight to Miami, so I decided to try out the American Express Centurion Lounge Philadelphia International Airport. I went in using my Amex Platinum card, which gives you access to one guest.

The lounge is located in Terminal A West, near Gate A14; it can be reached from any other terminal by walking or via shuttle bus. When I got in, the lounge was packed, but the experience was still solid. I could grab a bite and get a coffee before my next flight, and there were some proper spaces for work if needed. Here’s my experience in pictures, have a look!

American Express Centurion Lounge Philadelphia (In Photos)


The lounge has a beautiful entrance but is located on the first floor, so you need to take an elevator to go up. Once you are there, the check-in area is small and has a nice living wall behind the front desk. The check-in process just took 2 minutes.

Office Space

After checking in, I went straight to the back of the lounge, where there were some working desks, chairs and tables. It feels like a coworking space with free coffee, fruit, notebooks, and pencils.

Living Space

Around the whole lounge are several seating options, different coaches, chairs, and a living room area with a TV. There’s also a kid’s corner. There are few seats, though, so the lounge felt a bit cramped.

Food And Dining area

The dining area was also packed. You have many tables, seating options, and a great buffet with cold and hot meals, pastries, fruit, and dessert.

Grab & Go Coffee Bar

There’s also a quick coffee bar at the entrance to grab and go.


Check out this trip report, where I cover the lounge in detail (starts at 2:35).

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