American Airlines Flagship First Class 777-300ER (Review)

American Airlines 777-300ER Flagship First Class: Los Angeles To Miami (Review)

Another week, another video! This time a quick review of the American Airlines 777-300er Flagship First Class from Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA). This was my first time on Flagship First Class, and I was eager to check the real difference with Business Class myself.

I’ve heard and read great things about Flagship First on American, especially on long-haul international flights. Even though this flight was within the US, it was nice that American use this plane on this route to reposition the plane. The whole flight is about 5 hours, but you get a taste of Flagship First anyways.

Originally, I had to go from San José (SJC) to Miami (MIA). Instead of going direct, I saw I could do a short stopover at LAX, visit the lounge, and also try American Eagle on the same itinerary.

Unfortunately, our incoming flight was delayed, so I almost had to run to catch the flight to Miami, but we made it! It was also a late-night flight, so the whole service was quicker as most people wanted to get some sleep before arriving.

American Airlines 777-300ER Flagship First Class (Review)

Flight Details

  • Airline: American Airlines, AA
  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER, N729AN
  • Flight Number: AA780
  • Seat: 2J
  • Origin: Los Angeles (LAX), California, United States
  • Destination: Miami (MIA), Florida, United States


I paid for this trip using 39k AAdvantage miles plus USD 11.20 in taxes.

American Airlines 777-300er Flagship First Class Review: AA780 Los Angeles to Miami (Booking)
Booking AA780

Complete flight schedule (starting flight from San José)

American Airlines 777-300er Flagship First Class Review: AA780 Los Angeles to Miami (Schedule)

AA780: Conclusion

My experience flying American’s Flagship First on the 777-300ER was outstanding. The crew was very attentive and caring, the meals were delicious, and the seat was comfortable and big. There is definitely a space difference with Business Class seats, but it is not that significant. It might matter more for long-haul international flights over 7 hours, but not for flights within the US like this one.

It is only 5 hours from Los Angeles to Miami. Even though it’s nice to have extra storage space, most people will be as happy with Business Class, considering that the ticket was 10k miles more expensive on Flagship First, and the meal service was similar.

Overall, a very solid option that felt too short. I wish I had more time onboard. It was also a pity that there was only one meal service, but perfectly reasonable given the flight’s length. Looking forward to testing this cabin again on a longer flight.

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