Aerolíneas Argentinas Postpones Long haul Flights To Aeroparque

My Plans Got Screwed. Aerolíneas Argentinas Postpones Long Haul Flights to Aeroparque (2023)

A few weeks ago, Aerolíneas Argentinas announced its long-haul operations from Buenos Aires metropolitan airport Aeroparque, together with some national destinations, such as Ushuaia and Calafate.

I jumped right away and booked one of the first flights from JFK to AEP using my Aerolíneas Plus miles. I paid 35.000 miles +$16000 ARS ($32 USD) in taxes and got a one-way ticket in Economy Class.

However, today I received a notification via email that my flight was rerouted to EZE. A few hours after, I read on the news that the US Transport Security Agency (TSA) requested all long haul flights to Aeroparque to be postponed because more audits need to be finalized before operations start. Hence, the airline rerouted all flights to/from the US to Aeroparque until further notice.

Note that operations with the A330 in Aeroparque will still continue, so all domestic flights with the A330 from AEP to USH, FTE, and others remain unchanged.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Postpones Long haul Flights To Aeroparque
My flight from JFK to AEP got rerouted to Ezeiza (EZE)

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