2019 Year in Review: Closing a Decade of 395 Flights

Since we are reaching the end of the year, I wanted to spend some time looking back, not only at the flights from 2019 but also from the whole decade.

When I started 2019, I knew I would reduce the amount of flying drastically compared to previous years, and it turned out that way. I switched to a new job and decided to spend more time at home than flying around. I turned down many deals and opportunities for cheap flights and kept air travel only for the necessary.

When I look at the summary of my.flightradar24, I took a total of 30 flights

Some of the stats: 98k kilometers, 9 domestic and 21 international

I started the flying year in January, coming back from Cancún to México on an Aeroméxico 737-800, and then from México to Sweden via Frankfurt on an Airbus a350, business class! I did a quick video of the takeoff that you can watch here:

I paid only 45,000 SAS EuroBonus points + 1300 sek for this flight in Business Class using one of my American Express Elite Fly 2-4-1 vouchers. Looking back these vouchers were one of the most valuable assets of the past decade.

The interesting thing about this return flight from México was that it had a layover in both Frankfurt AND Munich (MEX-MUC-FRA-ARN), an extra leg compared to the usual route. It was longer, but it also gave me the chance to fly from Munich to Frankfurt for the first time.

Then I didn’t have any more flights until March and April that I flew with Copenhagen with Norwegian, and with Iberia to Madrid for Easter.

The next big trip was with Lufthansa in July, from Sweden to Argentina. I was able to secure two seats in Premium Economy with a Companion Ticket promotion from Lufthansa, where the second seat was only 50% of the price. The flights ended up being cheaper than in Economy, even better considering that it was during the summer. The only drawback was that the flights were non-refundable nor changeable, so we HAD to take the flights, or we lost them if the flights changed.

I didn’t record any videos on the outbound flight, but on the inbound, to our surprise, we were upgraded to Business Class (due to being Star Alliance Gold / SAS EuroBonus Gold) at boarding! It was a fantastic surprise when we were boarding the plane. Lufthansa rarely does this, so I guess it was due to operational reasons (maybe an oversold economy?).

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