Metal Debit Cards in 2023

My top choices of the best metal debit cards right now.

Metal debit cards are becoming a new standard, as they last longer, and many argue they are more sustainable.
Here are my top choices for metal debit cards in 2022.

#1. Revolut Metal

A great, flexible card, nice looking, with great extra features that are worth the maintenance fee. Cancel at any time, and extra discounts at online stores. Great way to send money between friends and split bills. My #1 choice these days.

Best for: All-around, travel, and every day

  • Cheaper than competitors (€13/month)
  • Cashback
  • Up to 1.67% savings interest
  • 10 commission-free stock trading/month
  • Cheap currency exchange
  • Great app
  • Refer friends and earn money! (€60 / 600 kr)
  • Charges an extra delivery fee
  • Full bank but no BankID in Sweden
Revolut Metal is one best metal debit cards in 2022

#2. Curve Metal

The concept is unique. Curve is the only card aggregator out there. You can connect any other card to Curve and earn extra cashback, even Revolut. Great offers, insurance, and features for travelers.

Best for: Cashback, discounts, travel

  • Bring all your cards with just one
  • Extra cashback at selected retailers
  • Go-back-in-time
  • No delivery fees
  • Pay a credit card with another one (earn extra points)
  • Refer friends and earn money
  • Expensive compared to others
  • Not a bank account
Curve Metal is one of the best metal debit cards in 2022

#3. Bunq Easy Green

Bunq Easy Green is the most sustainable banking option yet. They plan a tree for every €100 you spend

Best for: Sustainability, if you care about the environment

  • FREE 30-day TRIAL! (no risk)
  • CO2 neutral banking
  • Deposit Guarantee
  • 3 changes to earn €10.000 every month
  • Good savings account
  • Sleek metal card
  • Expensive
  • Not many online discounts or offers
Bunq Easy Green is one of the best metal debit cards in 2022
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