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Plutus Black Friday 2022 Offer
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Plutus Black Friday Promo is LIVE! Get 2 Free Perks and 100% back on Everyday

Plutus has just announced its Plutus Black Friday 2022 promotion. As soon as you log in to your dashboard via the website or app, you get a pop-up notification with an offer to try their Everyday plan for free for the first month. You can also upgrade to Plutus Premium plan and you will get reimbursed €14.99.

Blinkist Black Friday 2022 Sale
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Blinkist Black Friday 2022 Sale: 60% off Premium + FREE Trial (No risk)

Blinkist Black Friday 2022 Sale! Blinkist has been my go-to app when flying or on the road. Time is very valuable and at least to me, it has become extremely hard to allocate long time slots to read or learn. Instead, I find myself with blocks of 15, 20, or 30 minutes that I want to use to either learn something useful. Some podcasts are great for that, but many others are longer.

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Iberia A350 Business Class Cabin Summer 2022